The Falkirk Wheel and The Kelpies – Masterpieces

The Falkirk Wheel

Let us start with my last day in Scotland for this time. Our flight home was moved to the afternoon, so, we went west from Edinburgh to visit The Falkirk Wheel, which is the world’s first rotating boatlift. The lift links the Forth & Clyde Canal with the Union Canal, connecting Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Detta hjul är den första roterande båtliften i världen och ingår i Skottlands ambitiösa kanalprogram. Union and the Forth och Clyde är nu en oavbruten länk mellan Glasgow och Edinburgh. Hjulet svingar båtarna mellan de två vattenvägarna!

If you want to try the wheel you can take a trip on these boats. Unfortunately they were not available when we visited. Vanillarock  shows great shots of the wheel at work here!

Om du ville pröva hjulet fanns möjligheten med dessa turistbåtar. De hade ännu inte öppnat när vi var där. Vanillarock visar den i arbete här!

The Kelpies

More fantastic engineering – or rather spectacular, beautiful art – are The Kelpies by sculptor Andy Scott. ”The original concept of mythical water horses was a valid starting point for the artistic development of the structures.“”I took that concept and moved with it towards a more equine and contemporary response, shifting from any mythological references towards a socio-historical monument intended to celebrate the horse’s role in industry and agriculture as well as the obvious association with the canals as tow horses.”

Som en tribut till de hästar som troget arbetat för människan, bland annat vid kanalerna, står dessa 30 meter höga jättar vid varsin sida av the Forth & Clyde Canal och bildar en portal till dess ingång.

The Kelpies stand 30 metres tall in the 350 hectares Helix recreational space in Falkirk. They are the world’s largest equine sculptures and towering over the Forth & Clyde Canal they form a gateway to the canal entrance. These sculptures are meant to pay tribute to central Scotland’s working horse heritage on the canals from years gone by.

Hästarna är konstruerade av skulptören Andy Scott. Skulpturerna påbörjades i juni 2013 och stod klara i oktober samma år. Invigningen var dock i april 2014. De är världens största hästskulpturer.

Built of structural steel with a stainless steel cladding, The Kelpies weigh 300 tonnes each.

Vi uppskattade stålplåtens tjocklek till ca en halv centimeter – och hästarna väger imponerande 300 ton vardera.

Construction began in June 2013, and was complete by October 2013.  The Kelpies are positioned either side of a specially constructed lock and basin, part of the redeveloped Kelpies Hub.

Please click the photos to enlarge!

Läs mer om arbetshästarnas historia här. Read more of the working horses history here.

















36 reaktioner på ”The Falkirk Wheel and The Kelpies – Masterpieces

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    • Hopefully you will come back to see them – they are worth a visit. They are illuminated at night I’ve read, and I will be back to see that next Autumn…hopefully.

      • I will track down you Skye post – I love Skye only been 3 times and only once as a photographer. I have only skimmed the surface and I know that the island must be seen from the sea (getting a small boat – watch this space) – interestingly I only took photography up 6 years ago and I am self taught – but I am aware that I look at things completely differently than I did – say 10 years ago – you will absolutely love Edinburgh the atmosphere at the Festival is pretty amazing – particularly meeting so many foreign visitors – who are clearly buzzing from the experience. I will offer one piece of advice – plan you visit thoroughly – you can save huge amounts of time and money (and frustration) there are lots of good guides – worth looking at the on-line guides for this years to get an idea. Some of the free shows and smaller venues offer a better insight to the fringe than the bigger more successful ones. Either way I know you will love the trip

      • Thank you for some good advice! I’ll try that.
        This time we saw rhem building the stage and putting up all the lights only…

  2. Truly amazing sculptures ! How on earth does some one even begin to design something like this … the scale … and the material …
    Thanks – it’s great to have seen this Ann Christine !

    • Aren’t they amazing, yes. I just adored them and took many photos and sat down just admiring…The material is so well chosen – reflecting lights and shadows superbly.

  3. If only the Kelpies had another name ! – not that anyone except Aussies are confused (we have marvellous working dogs called kelpies). They are BEAUTIFUL sculpture, Ann Chrstine – I had no idea that they’re hollow, and, what’s more, see-through ! Thank you for such SUPER photos !

    • Yes, we were so lucky to get the chance to see them. now I’m looking forward to your shots! I saw pictures of them illuminated when I came home – wonderful.

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