# 204 Naturkonst – Nature’s own art (43/365)

17 reaktioner på ”# 204 Naturkonst – Nature’s own art (43/365)

    • Jag håller helt med. fascinerande är det. Att kristallerna blir så otroligt varierade och olika – inom samma yta – är verkligen ett under.

      • No but I just did ! It’s fantastic! I lay on the floor here and do sit-ups and look at the wooden cathedral ceiling at my moms and there are also eyes but not so alive as this! So fun! She is the ice princess !

      • I do them every other day, mostly always have. I do a cardio tape called Beach Body for the last 7 years and I never get tired of it, just add more weight. She was the original cross trainer me thinks!

  1. Fascinating. Great photo. You know when I’m in Scandinavia, I am the weirdo photographer taking photos of the ice frozen in the gutters beside the road!!!! So many wonderful patterns and shapes!!

    • I love that too – taking photos of frozen puddles…so I understand what you are talking about. Down where I live we don’t get the chance as often as we wish!

  2. A glorious abstract if ice and water, ah but for the gorgeous spot of red! A work of art, and is that a face to the left-side that I see. Awesome spotting this beauty Ann-Christine.

    • I can see that you like it, Mary – I’m happy you do! And the interesting thing is that I didn’t see the eye/face until I uploaded the photos on my computer! I do believe it is a lonely bubble…playing this game of beauty with us.

  3. Väldigt snyggt! Huvudmotivet får mig att associera både till bladådring och is, snygg kombo. Och så tycker jag om ansiktet i vänsterkanten. Kalasbra komposition och fint ljus.

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