A Place Where Nobody Wanted to Live…

The controversial modernist architect Antoni Gaudí is one of my own favourites…but in his own time – he was not always popular. In Barcelona, you might have visited  his fabulous Sagrada Família, Casa Battló or La Pedrera and Parc Güell. And Marvelled.

Palacio Episcopal (end of the 19th century) in Astorga was seen as rather abominable in appearance and the cost for building it was just too much for the congregation. No bishop has ever lived there since…

Inside, you recognize Gaudí’s style with beautiful ceramics and stained glass.

The palace is now being restored, and I guess its future visitors will continue to admire his outstanding art.

The magnificent cross bows and his colour combinations are simply divine.

So, be sure to visit when your road leads you here…you cannot get too much of Gaudí!

As usual, click to get a larger view – sometimes you have to click twice…and click the links for my previous posts on his art in Barcelona!


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