Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #9: Action

This week Patti wants some Action – and my contribution is a mix of kites, children, students and animals… And action is taken for different reasons, as always.

The kites and their owners were in constant action in Fanö this June – creativity just for fun. For the sake of Art. For the sake of feeling the air lifting your device – and your soul.

There are many memories with this photo – taken at the skate park in Malmoe several years ago. My son is a skater since his early teens, and still skating at 26. Young people act out of necessity and have to be on the move. They are growing and want to test their limits, strengthening their bodies for future challenges.

I also love to follow one of my students jousting – in fact he is the number one champion in Sweden. Here is the wonder of  cooperation between man and animal – which has been a necessity for thousands of years. Where would mankind have been today without this co-work?

Action is also necessary to protect your domains, to get the partner you want or the food you need. These Swallow Tailed Gulls of Galapagos are doing just that.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of hosting Milo’s little sister at our summer place in Blekinge. Not a dull moment in those two days…Action for them means just the same as for us humans – testing body and mind for later, grown-up challenges.

But of course much of the action is just for fun…Some rain and some water wrestling to cool down afterwards is a treat for everyone involved.

Being a grown-up, and a (more than) middle aged woman, I sometimes wish I still had some of all that explosive energy…


So, what does Action mean to you?

45 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #9: Action

  1. Love all the action! Interesting that your son still loves skateboarding. After seeing the photo of the jouster in action I am wondering what other amazing careers your former students have!

    • Well, my son is mostly a longboarder nowadays. In fact he bought a ”dancing board” this summer and is going to Paris next week to swing with pros from all over the world. I am happy for him.
      Yes, what became of my old students…I am still in contact with some of them. Most of the late years’ students are at university. One of the girls is an acrobat on horses – I forget what it is called. But the horse is on a long line, trotting, while she and her friends are doing tricks on the horse’s back. They are a team. Funny how many interesting things/sports there are…

      • It does. His next plan is joining a ballet school. He really has excellent balance and body control, is slim and agile – so why not. Just for the fun of it. In fact he was into it when he was a child, but got bullied by his class mates for it. That class had 16 boys and 4 girls…
        As a grown up it is easier to realize your dreams, isn’t it.

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