Thursday Thoughts – from Umeå

I went to Umeå for a couple of days to visit my daughter – my son wanted to go as well.

Listen to Sara – the voice of Västerbotten!

Umeå is a student’s dream – and was the cultural capital of Europe in 2014.

Walking this passage we can both listen to and see the work of the author Sara Lidman – the voice of Västerbotten (this part of Sweden).

Umeå (ca 90 000 inhabitants) started in the 14th century, and is called the capital of Norrland and the City of Birches. I really should visit in spring to see the fragrant green.


Gammlia is an open air museum with many old buildings for people to visit and remember the olden days. Sami people have a special place here.

The sun has returned to Norrland as well – and sitting outdoors to catch the warmth is essential.  Skiing and ice skating on the river is for every person, old and young. It is fun to watch three year olds racing like wild things – and are they skilled!

In the middle of the city they build ice playgrounds and a maze. And many roads have a built in heating coil to take away the snow.

After some 12 kilometers walking, we took a break at a lovely old book store.

And we had some delicious food as well…before walking back home – in the middle of the street like everyone else did. Too much snow and ice where we should have walked! But we did not slip or fall, despite the difficult weather.

Normally the temperature never rise above zero during winter, but now, due to climate change, it frequently jumps up and down. Last week -25 C and this weekend 5-6 plus and thaw. The Sami people and their reindeer suffer from these changes because when the temperature drops again, there will be a thick ice cover and the reindeer cannot reach the necessary food under the snow. The animals starve and the Sami people have to use state funds to survive.

39 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – from Umeå

  1. Oh my, you were walking for 12 km in these conditions? 😮 This is like a 30 km normal walk. The photo of those two reading in the snow says it all. We live in different worlds. 😉 Sad to hear about the melting. I suppose there will be more and more of it.

    • Tough people those from up north! Different worlds it really is…but they love their snow and ice and get very sad when there is too little of it – like this year.

  2. Ever so fabulous A-C 🙂 So many questions and observations.
    What is the ”green stuff” you are eating?
    It is wonderful to see people actually reading from books (please don’t tell me there is no internet)
    The effects of climate change is so world wide. Feeling so sad for the Sami people and their Reindeer.
    Is ”Gammlia is an open air museum with many old buildings” the oldest building still standing. I guess there is nothing from the previous centuries still standing.
    Thanks for sharing. It did cool me off a bit after a quite warm day here today

    • Tranquil it is – and happy and harmonious people. They love the snow – so many activities. They hate it when there is too little of it – like now!

  3. Sad about the climate impact – and now you have me wondering what the fragrant green would look like there.
    It sounds like they adapted quite well to the snow – with the coils and then the readers on the mats (such a peaceful photo too) – and seems cold weather adapted – and I really like the mustard yellow house

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