Thursday Thoughts – A Snowy Denmark?

We who live in the southern part of Sweden often visit Denmark. Good food, nice people, lovely architecture and several great art museums. This time we had a nice surprise – snow! I have never seen a piece of Denmark in snow, and some Danes hadn’t either it seemed…

The walk from the train to Louisiana art museum is a treat with the lovely architecture – different in every house.

The park at Louisiana was the main attraction this time – not only because of the snow. We had excellent weather with a cold sun and no wind.

People were photographing everywhere, the snow and the calm sea. It is Sweden at the other end of the water. 20 minutes by ferry.

We spent a lovely hour walking around the grounds. Sculptures, installations and special art spread out everywhere.

A day of serenity

The small island at the horizon is a Swedish piece of land. Hven, the home of the famous astronomer Tycho Brahe. His observations are generally considered to be the most accurate of his time. (16th century)

40 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – A Snowy Denmark?

  1. Beautiful! That reminds me of one of my experiences. I had a connecting flight from Copenhagen in December 2019 and since there were a few hours for the next flight, I decided to venture into the city. But the airport was heated so much that I was sweating and didn’t understand how cold it would be outside. In my naivette, I locked my thick jacket into the locker along with my luggage, and walked outside with a thin one. After about 2 hours outside, I had had enough and had to rush back to the heated airport😂. There was no snow but the scenery was beautiful.

    • Well – I think it was better today because it was very unusual, and the clear skies and light added to a feeling of serenity. I am glad your son liked Louisiana! We always go about once a year, or more often if there is a special exhibition.

  2. I only wished that Bangladesh is also that quiet and less populate like Norway. Although winter is here, we do not get to see snow.

  3. *laugh* Glorious idyllic photos . . . but I dunno 🙂 ! I remember loving to walk with Daddy in a snowy park back ‘home’ as a tiny tot but this. tho’ oh so beautiful’, looks COLD !!! As far as your scenario is concerned remember numerous ferry crossings not quite so smooth from the level of Hamlet-land off Elsinore . . . thanks . . .

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