Lens – Artists Challenge #40 – Something Different

Our host this week is Tina. She asks us for… Something Different. I give you – my Magnolia tree in April.


I must have flowers, always, and always.

– Claude Monet

Magnolia is a large genus of about 210 flowering plant species of the family Magnoliaceae. It is named after French botanist Pierre Magnol.

The name Magnolia first appeared in 1703, for a flowering tree from the island of Martinique. Magnolias are native to both Asia and the Americas.

Magnolias symbolized dignity and nobility. In ancient China, magnolias were thought to be the perfect symbols of womanly beauty and gentleness.

Magnolia is a very ancient genus, appearing before bees did. It is believed that the flowers have evolved to encourage pollination by beetles.

The Magnolia flowers last only for a couple of days – but what magnificent days!


Thank you, Tina, for another lovely challenge!








37 reaktioner på ”Lens – Artists Challenge #40 – Something Different

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  3. Ann-Christine, you’ve done a beautiful job with your textures on these glorious blooms! Lucky you to have your own magnolia tree!! We have many, many magnolia trees here on Kiawah but they are all white magnolias, I’ve never seen a pink one! Ours do last much longer, maybe a month or so, but don’t appear until May. We LOVE our magnolias down here but I sure would like to see a pink one!!

    • Now you made me happy, Tina – I love my tree dearly! It is maybe 10 years old, and always a treat in spring. And it should have waited until May, but …even the birch trees have started so much earlier the last years. This year the trees and anemones are two weeks earlier than last year. When I was a child spring came about a month later.

  4. What a breathtaking flower, Ann-Christine. It’s one of my favorites. Your shots are terrific. We both used Impressionistic filters for our flower shots! It’s perfect for them! Enjoy this beautiful spring weather.

  5. (EN) Magnolia is one of my favorite flowers and I thank you for these beautiful shots . Amazing post, Ann Christine😊
    (IT) La magnolia è uno dei miei fiori preferiti e ti ringrazio per i tuoi bellissimi scatti. Meraviglioso post, Ann Christine😊

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