Lens- Artists Photo Challenge # 74 – Abstract

It makes no difference whether a work is naturalistic or abstract; every visual expression follows the same fundamental laws. – Hans Hofmann

Patti is asking us to go Abstract – ”relating to or denoting art that does not attempt to represent external reality, but rather seeks to achieve its effect using shapes, colours, and textures.”

Over the last 30 years I have developed a taste for abstract art. But, something – ”that could have been painted by any child”, (said about a big blank canvas with a single red dot) as my mother would put it, will probably not hang on my wall.  But I am sure it will hang on someone else’s wall instead! That is one of the reasons to why art is so interesting. Now we are looking forward to seeing Your ideas of Abstract!

In the header, a work by a favorite of mine, Antoni Gaudí.

Colourful from our exhibition park in Wanås, Sweden. Much of the art exhibited here, it is allowed to climb on or walk into. Do you think some art/art forms are ”more useful” than others?

Glass from Kosta-Boda Art Hotel – a material very much ”alive”

The more horrifying this world becomes, the more art becomes abstract. – Ellen Key

People like abstract art because it makes them feel clever. –  James Acaster

The two images above are both examples of a mix of photographic art and architecture. The first one is a phone photo from Helsingborg trainstation, processed in several apps, and the second one was made by simply tilting the photo (and raindrops on the lens).

Finally, some of Nature’s own abstract art –

I used to wonder, How do artists think when they work with an abstract piece of art? Well, Pablo Picasso says that There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. Afterward you can remove all traces of reality.

– Sounds perfectly right to me.

We send our heartfelt wishes to all our Australian blogger friends who have experienced weeks of devastating fires. May the rains come soon and bring an end to the terrible fears and destruction.





75 reaktioner på ”Lens- Artists Photo Challenge # 74 – Abstract

  1. Once again – WOW!!! What a fantastic gallery. I can see that you have been playing around with some of the images – an excellent job. My favorite has be the ”shopping mall.”

  2. Happy that you shared some of nature’s abstracts. Those monochrome, lopsided sculptures are so intriguing. They remind me of stone river rock sculptures. ❤

    • Glad the glass resonated with you! Glass almost never disappoints, does it? Especially not Gaudí. Do you have skilled masters in your country? Sweden has a long tradition of glass making and some famous masters work here. (Kosta Boda is not the only factory, but a famous one. ) But, not with mosaics! We have to go down in Europe to find masters there.

      • There are some brilliant glass and mosaic artists here but they are not household names. I can’t think of any on the scale of Chihuly though. We don’t do tiles like those in southern and eastern Europe or the Middle East. Mosaics are often something that communities do together to create a mosaic for their towns. I really like how it is an artform that brings people together.

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  4. Such fascinating examples of abstract! Not sure if I would consider art to be ”useful” other than as furniture or a toy. I especially like the reflections in the glass and nature shots. The train station is very cool too – science fiction movie material maybe? 🙂

  5. Enjoy your travels and remember to buy a red dot on a black canvas. You can call it ”erupting volcano from above” or something but then it isn’t abstract anymore – life is complicated. The photo which appears tobe lava from the red dot which cooled down is my favourite.

  6. WordPress seems to have un-followed me , soI have missed some of your posts…will have to see if it gets back. Love the last image, especially, A C

  7. A wonderful selection Ann-Christine, I especially love the header image and the beautiful reflections in nature’s own abstract art xxx

  8. You’ve really presented a wide selection of abstract, AC. I love it! Your nature shots really resonate me as well as the Kosta Boda glass. Beautiful! It does take a bit of mental mind-bending to see the abstract! Have a great trip next week, too. I hope you’re going someplace new and interesting.

    • Thank you so much, Patti – happy you enjoyed them! It was an interesting challenge, and I think most people agree – looking at the response so far! I hope it will be a good trip…but it seems it will be raining all the way. We’ll manage anyway I hope.

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