Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #90 – Distance

For many years, I have been moved by the blue at the far edge of what can be seen, that color of horizons, of remote mountain ranges, of anything far away. The color of that distance is the color of an emotion, the color of solitude and of desire, the color of there seen from here, the color of where you are not. And the color of where you can never go.
Rebecca Solnit

Tina’s choice of Distance for this week, gives room for many interpretations. Some images from the Sahara desert illustrates my first thoughts. And the poor scarab has an endless distance to crawl…

I think sometimes you need distance to reflect. – Lynn Nottage

Some extra time on your own these days gives new possibilities for this. Hiking or writing a diary might help keeping your thoughts together. And outdoors you can easily keep the distance.

Hobbiton, NZ

Fantasy is usually considered an escape, but it’s also a way to deal with weighty real-world issues from a safe distance and in a context where you usually have some kind of power that you don’t have in real life. – Noelle Stevenson

Maybe a chance to re-read old favorites – or new acquaintances!

Keeping social distance is what we all do these days – a necessity. Essential to stay healthy and save lives. These cats know how – an image from Madrid, often used, because I love it.

Finally some photos from last weekend, when the sun decided to throw some golden rays our way. Families together, couples sitting alone drinking coffee, enjoying the lovely outdoors. And so did we, Milo and Totti.

In Sweden we are still allowed to go out, and the forest and open landscapes are there for us to savour. Every country has its own rules in this Covid-19 crisis, but I hope many of you still have the possibility to go out. – But, we also don’t know for how long. A garden or a balcony is also great for some fresh air. I am convinced we all use different media to stay in contact with friends, and personally I find Zoom a perfect alternative as well. Thank you for being out there in the blogosphere.

Nothing makes the earth seem so spacious as to have friends at a distance; they make the latitudes and longitudes. – Henry David Thoreau


Be sure to link to Tina’s original post, and to use the Lens-Artists TAG. And remember –

Stay safe, keep the distance – but stay in contact! 

79 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #90 – Distance

    • If it made you smile – I am happy it did! I often come back to that photo – I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw them there in the park. It was almost as if they used to have that bench, and their positions, every time they met in the park!

  1. Just beautiful, A-C!!!! You always deliver. I love the cats on the bench … fantastic capture – and the desert images, that is my kind of world just now. Stay safe and healthy.

    • Thank you, Viveka! Hope you are doing well! Själv tror jag att om en månad är nog orken isoleringen lite tärd…Men vi måste ju klara det här!

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  4. A beautiful post Ann-Christine and it’s lovely to see the cats on the bench image again 😁Sweden’s measures seem very relaxed and I hope everyone stays safe and well 💖 xxx

    • People over 70 should stay in self isolation and others are requested not to travel and stay at home or 2-1.5 m away from others. We shop food to our elders. Hand washing all the time, so sore hands are everywhere. I think the biggest difference from others is that we have not closed our borders and have no cameras watching us or armed police patrols in the streets. The authorities try to rely on people being sensible. From what I hear there are more rules broken in some countries with harder restrictions. There are no people in hotels or restaurants – takeaway is the deal. More than 50 people together are not allowed. And the 2-1.5 m distance is essential or the meeting will be off. Every social gathering and local meeting is also cancelled. No meetings at all exist today. Hotels, restaurants and many other companies are closing down. All in all, I don’t feel we are very relaxed – it just may seem so. We’ll see what happens and how it all works. There are no rights or wrongs – every country follows what they believe is the best way to stop this!
      So – we stay safe, like every sensible man or woman! ♥

  5. Gorgeous images, A-C! I love your desert shots and the cats, of course! I was interested in how Sweden has relaxed measures for dealing with the virus. Do you think that policy is going to change? I am also hoping that you and your family are well and stay well!

    • Thank you, Patti! They tell us everything is done stepwise in order to get the most benefit from it. We don’t know from day to day, but so far everything is following what was expected. What is worrying me is that a great military thing is going to bring 10000-20000 soldiers from all over the world for training. In May. It just must not happen…No word about stopping it yet.
      Stay safe and well!

  6. The desert pictures are STUNNING! The details in the distant one are amazing , the colours warm but my favourite was the close up- the beetle and the sand ripples are perfectly framed. 😊

  7. Beautiful pics, nice perspective, I too love the play of the melding colors across the landscape in view, and yet, don’t always think to grab a pic, even if I remembered to throw the camera in the truck – :). Nice selection of quotes to go with, too! Hello to you from Colorado, USA – we are maintaining, here, and gearing up for garden season, without many changes to our hermit style life – unless the internet goes out – 🙂

    • Thank you so much! Gearing up for the garden season here too! But still very, very cold here. Glad you liked the post, and yes, please let the internet stay up!

  8. W.O.W. AC! These are fanatic shots! Love the desert shots especially. These cats, amazing!
    We can go to park and grocery shopping.

    • Thank you, Amy – so happy you liked them! That experience was so totally different from anything I have ever done. And – so glad you love the cats as well – they didn’t move an inch! Perfect at keeping the distance.

  9. Hi Leya

    Oh, the amazing cats! Of course your desert and shifting sands photographs are outstanding, but however did you get those cats to all sit still and pose so perfectly?? Are you the cat whisperer? In these solemn and unnerving times, it is reassuring to know that cats still rule the internet. Thank you for your light touch.

    And thank you and the entire Lens Artists team again for creating this space for all of us and inspiring the entire community, especially in these difficult times.

    Here’s my submission for this week:


    • Thank You, dear Babsje! Of course I am a cat whisperer…but, they didn’t move an inch, really!
      I am not sure what you are referring to with ”light touch”, but I did try to take a lighter grip on this subject, as I knew the other ladies would be tougher. We need some light and maybe some smiles too.
      Stay safe and well, dear friend.

  10. Beautiful photos. The cats are marvelous and yes they know about physical distancing. Here in Canada we are in a 14 day self isolation after returning last week from the USA. We live in the country and so we are able to get out for walks and onto trails with our little dog. It certainly helps to lift the mood.

    • Good to hear you are safe and back home! I so agree – living near forests and countryside helps. I have my moments…then I go out in the open air and try to compose myself. To soak in the beauty of natural life. I hope this weather will continue here – sunny and fresh. We’ve had 5 months of grey and drizzle – and now Corona on top.
      Stay safe and be well, Anne. ♥

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    • Thank you – that short desert visit will forever stay with me. So different from my life in Sweden. The stillness at nightfall and the cool morning hours – wonderful. But a sandstorm is no fun…
      And cats – are really good at keeping the distance!

  12. The desert shots are marvellous, AC, and those cats are funny! As you say, stay safe, keep the distance, and stay in contact…..

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