Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #95 – All Wet

Tina’s challenge this week is a wet one. See her fantastic bear shots at Travels and Trifles!

My first thought for All Wet, was of Galapagos and its many water living animals. So, two of them are playing in the opener.

These are some of my favorite ”wets” – all from the archives.

A wet forest in Sweden

A hot hot day (42 degrees C) in Bilbao, Spain

A disappearing building in Barcelona

Autumn rain in my garden

I like girls who like the countryside, put on walking boots and can bend with the wind a bit. If you’re going to live with me, you need to be able to embrace the countryside and wet dogs.

 – Jay Kay

And I will end this short, wet story with my favorite dog, my first lagotto romagnolo – the legendary Mille. Why ”legendary”? Well, for eleven summers in a row, he was standing, running or walking in the sea, at our summer house, from early morning until late evening. Chasing bubbles. This was his kingdom. (From the beginning these dogs were water dogs in Romagna, Italy, but the area was drained and the dogs were taught to dig for truffles instead.) Every man and woman in our little village knew him, every tourist, every child patted him and played with him.

We lost Mille in 2014, but people out there still (2019) remember him, and tell their own memories of him. My children planned to make a statue to sit on ”his” beach, so he would forever be watching the sea. But that dream was not realized. I have had many dogs and cats in my life – but nothing and no one compares to him. Also, he was always All Wet.

Thank you for last week’s peeks at Amy’s At home – a challenged I think more than I enjoyed very much. Hope to see you next week again, for Patti’s Challenge #96.

65 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #95 – All Wet

  1. Hi, A-C. The week got away from me! I’m so sorry it’s taken me a while to comment on your wonderful post. As always, your shots are terrific. You won’t be surprised that my favorite is Mille. He sounds like a wonderful dog. I wish I could have known him. I have a feeling that your Mille and my Max would have had fun in the water together.

    • So glad you enjoyed them – and my lovely Mille. Our new dog, Milo, looks just like Mille, but they are all personalities, animals and children alike.

  2. Mille is a handsome guy. It’s a shame they don’t stay with us longer but we are so lucky to have them while they are here. This picture is a wonderful memory. ❤

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  4. I love those photos. I wish we hadn’t had to cancel our summer plans to visit our friends in Sweden. They are older than us, and I hope we do meet them again for a sail in the Baltic, and mushroom hunting in the woods.

  5. Ann-Christine, the wet garden image is amazing – now I”M the envious one! And a lovely testimonial to your beautiful Mille. You may have struggled but one would never guess so based on your beautiful post.

  6. I especially liked the picture of the raindrops on branches. I was touched by your story of Millie. I lost two favorite pets in the past couple of years. You always remember them.

    • Glad you liked them, Anne. Always happy dogs! The first shaking photo – I still remember how the rain was pouring. And those raindrops in my garden were really heavy.

  7. Some lovely photos. And lovely to read the memories about Mille, your dog. He looks very handsome.

  8. Mille is very special, A-C. Beautiful wet series. I love the various selections, the rain drops are beautifully captured.

  9. great memories of Mille and his love for the sea. 🙂 all your images are beautiful and the water drops look like diamonds! fantastic! 🙂

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