Lens-Artists Photo Challenge#104 Summer

As we announced last week, the team has a special “surprise” for July. We are hosting the theme “Seasons” for the entire month. This week, Amy’s theme is ”Summer”.

This is My summer. My summer is my garden, and our summer house.

This year, 2020, more than ever. In Sweden we call them ”Smultronställen”, (in direct translation:” wild strawberry places”) hidden, secret places where we find beauty, peace and solitude.

In later years, I have focused even more on giving my garden a ”wilder” face. A childhood summer face, a wildlife face, a caring for biodiversity focus.

Hawk’s beard grow abundantly in the rear part of the garden – and they are humming with bees when turning their yellow faces to the sun.

A closer look at this part of the summer garden reveals my favorite summer flower –  lavender.

– But also Cape plumbago and mallows. As always, click to enlarge.

In the southernmost part of the garden I have plum trees, cherries, elderberry, rowan, black and red currants and rhubarbs, Here there is generous space left for wild flowers.

Many insects hide in the grasses too – lying quietly on my back,  I hear them going about their business.

My other summer ”smultronställe” is our little cottage by the sea. Hiking the many paths here is a joy to us all, and the summer nights are long and soft in the Scandinavian light.


Thank you for all your lovely surprises last week! I had some good laughs and some recognizing giggles – and some tears too… and, some Real Surprises!

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July 11 Tina  Spring
July 18 Patti  Autumn/Fall
July 25 A-C  Winter

Thank you for your support, stay safe and well – See you!

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #102 – A Quiet Moment

This week, Patti is challenging us to capture A Quiet Moment. ” Maybe it’s a walk early in the morning or the time you sit down with a book and a cup of coffee.  Include shots captured at home or in your neighborhood, or from a trip to a faraway place months or years ago.  It’s totally up to you.”

As my Internet connection has been lost for some days, and I don’t know when it comes back, I am sending from my phone. Hopefully it will work anyway. I apologize for the post being a bit thin because of this situation – and not being able to comment on others’ posts until afterwards, but hope you will enjoy anyway. I am having quiet moments in more than a Midsummer way…

A forest exhibition at Wanås – old, embroidered linen in the silent trees.

My daughter in quiet contemplation over the summer night.

Even flowers have their quiet moments…

Födelsedagsblommor och Millegarne med Emma 116-2

And you don’t have to be alone – you can be quiet together.

Trädgården och Millegarne Midsommar 046-2

As always, thank you for your wonderful support of our challenges, and don’t forget to use our Lens-Artists tag to make people find you in the reader!

Stay well and safe – and treasure the quiet moments given to you.


Thursday Thoughts – The Old Sallow

In the garden of our summer house stands a worthy old warden tree – a Sallow. Our children have climbed it every summer, and so did their father when he was a child. Sallows do not get very old, but this tree is a giant, and possibly about 100-150 years old. About double the age it ”should” get.

In the header he was still standing this Spring when we moved in.

But this is the sight that met us when we arrived for the final shut down for winter. Our children were sad to see it, and the only one who did not mind was Milo.

About a third of the trunk had fallen, but fortunately the little house managed without any damage. This sight was what we have feared to meet every Spring on our arrival – and now it was a fact. Hopefully the majestic tree will survive and thrive many years still. There is a sapling striving up right behind it – we tend to it with love.


Top of The World

This weekend we had the great joy of having Milo’s little sister, Arena, here – and there he really got a match…wrestling for two days without end. But also learning things and exploring the world together.

OK, so you’ve got something there, have you…

Let me think…

Maybe… if I try to look really bored..

Well –  women’s list – you know…

Summer is Here

…and Mille’s beach is empty. But I love it best before all the summer guests arrive. The temperature is heading towards 30 degrees C, and yesterday we went to our summer cottage to cool down. No rain in sight…only hot winds.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day in Sweden, and we will celebrate my mother with a tasty lamb dinner. Until then – some summer photos from yesterday!

With the sun going down,  we wish a Good Night to you all!

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Food and Beverage

A simple summer salad – longing…

More Food and Beverage here.


Midsommar2008 203_copy