THURSDAY’S SPECIAL – Pick a Word – 2020 – 1st ed.

Paula is back with her monthly challenge Pick a Word! If you haven’t seen it or participated before – have a look at her lovely blog Lost in Translation. Excellent photography and simple rules for the challenge.

ESTIVAL in the header





About the images:

Estival – The last of my Bougainvillea against a hot summer wall

Cuisine – The biggest Sami market in Sweden – with lots of tasty food

Rift – Thingvellir, Iceland, lies in a rift valley that marks the crest of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and the boundary between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates.

Instructive – New Zealand sheep shearing champion on how to do it fast and effective

Span – Valle Verzasca, Switzerland, with its fantastic Roman bridge

25 reaktioner på ”THURSDAY’S SPECIAL – Pick a Word – 2020 – 1st ed.

  1. I agree with Paula. The bridge is particularly breathtaking. (Especially if one was walking across it!) Fun post, Ann-Christine/Leya. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

    • Well Jo, then you know how I am feeling most of the time in these confusing, uncertain and messy times…But I am happy we landed some beautiful images in the midst of it all! ♥ Wishing you a walking and wonderful weekend.

  2. how cool that you mentioned P’s challenge in the LAPC this week and then she came back – the timing – so spot on
    and the photos for the words here were quite enjoyable – span was my fav – for the colors

  3. Ann-Christine, your entry is beautiful, instructive and inspiring. I love Roman bridges and would like to see that one in Switzerland. Bougainville shot ”screams” estival. I do love all images.

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