Thursday Thoughts – Ifö Center

Since 2014 this artist run culture project has brought some of the world’s best street artists to paint and create the old ceramic factory area, Iföverken, in Bromölla. This center is located about a 45 minutes drive from where I live. So, I decided to ask some friends to join in for a guided tour.

Please come along you too! The tour will take some posts further on…so stay tuned.

In the opener you see the main outdoor painting, Abstrakt Komikz Palais by D. Brains (2017) from Ronneby, Sweden.

You can see the outdoor works for free if you stay outside the old factory’s fence. This is T-Rex, a painting by world famous Belgian artist ROA. ROA generally paints wild or urban animals and birds that are native to the area being painted. Dinosaur skeletons were found around Bromölla in Skåne, thus a T-Rex it had to be.
Boy with Stone Face by Argentinian Milu Correch (2016)

Living Room by Teresa Holmberg. There is sound and light in the ”sofas” and the glass in the pillars are made from discarded Tiffany lamps.

Mandala by Sigrid Wallskog (2018). Made from discarded ceramic pieces found at Ifö.
Thoughtprovoking and important. Dehorning by Italian Vera Bugatti (2019). Discussing the poaching of our rhinos – and is dehorning the answer to save them? Is it the same animal without a horn?
We are what we think – Buddha, Wild Drawing (WD 2019), Balinese artist based in Greece. And…a car
Hand sign by Carolina Falkholt

Finishing off the outside of this 42000 square meters’ art factory – with nature’s own art.

Hope you enjoyed the tour – it is to be continued!

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  5. Just the outside is wonderful, so I can’t wait to see more. I especially like the art in the very first photo but I think nature’s art stand right up to all of them. 🙂 How are you doing, A-C?


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