Thursday Thoughts – Glory Days

I thought you might want to walk with me in an area I seldom walk. It is always very windy here, and the open waters make the wind chill you to the bones. But …

…not today! Several degrees below zero, but sunny and no wind. Absolutely still.

There were more than me walking here today…

I met some dogs too, but not many. Summertime this is a very popular area for walkers.

As I had anticipated, there were no birds in sight, but I knew where to find them…
Just follow the snow covered path…

…and you will reach the small pond with warmer waters. Here we find several species of ducks, swans and cormorants.

A very sunny, uplifting day for us all! Thank you for walking with me ♥

71 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – Glory Days

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  2. These are amazing pictures, I love the snow. Yours look crisp and clean Leya. We haven’t walked on our paths yet. They are still covered with snow. Sidewalks near our house are impassable too. Nothing is still clean and fresh like yours, though.

  3. Thanks for sharing your ‘walk’ with me! Here, though little water, the ‘wind chill’ factor is often A FACTOR, on how long one can stand to enjoy the great outdoors – – the blessing of a ‘totally still’ day, with the sun shining – even if it’s still ‘cold’? Feels like a heat wave! 😀

  4. I did walk with you just now . . . shall quietly return with a few friends who would also appreciate . . . don’t worry: we won’t disturb the birds . . .

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