Can a windmill sail without wind…?

Six Word Saturday

After all this snow maybe you are hungry for a fresh Beach Walk with Frank? He’ll take you along with him every week, reflecting on life through what he sees and experiences: Moon, Dawn, Storm… and today it is Fog. I managed to find some fog and mist for him to illustrate his ponderings. His thoughts are peacefully reflective and refreshing: just the thing to brighten your morning.

36 reaktioner på ”Can a windmill sail without wind…?

  1. Oh – this absolute beauty has just gently settled into its winter holiday . . . just wait until the spring temperatures and breezes melt the snow and give it a friendly wink , perchance telling it tales of Don Quixote . . . and its sails will fly . . .

  2. Frank recommended your blog, and he’s right! Your photography is stunning. I’m always looking for photos to accompany my poems, but I especially look forward to seeing yours in my WordPress Reader every morning!!

    • Thank you – abandoned, but still… And the love of proper snow is the same with me. Haven’t had it for some years… Spending most of the days outdoors now even if I don’t have small kids anymore.

  3. This is quite a dramatic image – the hidden windmill in all that snow. And love the photos for the Beach Walk! I rarely take photos in the fog which is odd because I live in the clouds a lot up on my hill. Enjoy your weekend! Is it still snowing there?

    • Thanks, Jude! I thought I could not find any misty photos with beaches and the sea…and true, I only found one. But it worked out anyway. At least there was water in two of them…I agree with you, I seldom take photos in the fog, and it’s only in the Autumn we have it here. I’d love to see yours! Another thing is, my best camera is not water sealed, so I am a bit careful with what weather i work in.

  4. Love the image and there is something about it that causes me to pause. I sense it is abandoned. Meanwhile, thanks for the promotion, the kind words, and for supplying the photos on the current walk. I invite your readers to stop by for a beach walk with hopes that they comment.

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