Thursday Thoughts – In My Windows

As the garden is waiting out in the cold…let’s make a short walk in some of my windows! Most plants are starting to enjoy life as the light is returning.

One of my many begonias – originally got from a friend at school some 50 years ago. The funny thing is that my old friend last week got a new cutting from mine, as she had lost hers many years ago. The circle is complete!
Phalaenopsis are in flower a couple of times a year, and right now there are quite many of them simultaneously.
Many of my flowers are ”stolen” from friends and relatives, restaurants and hotels. This yellow cactus I brought home from a ski resort in Dalarna – a twig from the mother plant is all you need. Yellow is unusual, we mostly see red or white – possibly pink too.
This is a 19th century species of geranium, L´ Elégante. A bit difficult to handle, as it is hanging and thus easily broken. But elegant it is.
A purple mini Phalaenopsis – lightening up my window. This was mother’s favourite colour.

Medinilla magnifica – the second time I have managed to make it flower again – very happy if the buds will open up instead of falling off…

Finally Alocasia – not a favourite really, but very special…I like the back of the leaf more …

Thank you for the short visit in my windows, towards summer I hope to give you a tour outdoors and in the glass house. Until then – I must of course send you my Russian begonia – my pride. About 2×1.5 meters today.

41 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – In My Windows

  1. My neighbour gave me a pot of Oxalis Triangularis and sincethen, I´ve been giving away its babies.I think it´s a very genuine act of kindness, to share something not just food .
    I love your indoor plant collection—last week I spent the entire day on my free time to reot and put on some new soil to my plants.It´s exhausting but now when I see them, it´s all worth it.
    It´s magic how these green babies can give us so much happiness.
    Spring is on the way…I am excited.

    • I have my own jungle because I have to…to feel good. Good that you have given yours some new soil! They thank you! Oxalis I have only one – got it from a friend!

  2. These are lovely. I’m smiling at your begonia cutting story. I give away so many little plants I’ve grown from cutttings and it is such a nice, simple way of sharing plants.

    • I agree about sharing plants. I love it. We used to have a place in my village where people could go to share and get new cuttings and plants, chatting and enjoying life for an hour or two. Nothing since covid.

      • That is a wonderful idea: we have a community pantry where we can leave or collect food items and food plants, but I like the idea of being able to meet and chat as well. Covid has reached into so many corners of our lives.

  3. Such beautiful house plants. They look so well looked after. Mine are somewhat neglected but I do love having them

  4. I’m completely taken with your yellow ‘Christmas’ cactus. I had no idea such a color existed! I used to have several pink ones, but they became so large I suspected they just grew themselves to death. I should have been more attentive and divided them, but I didn’t. Now, I have to begin looking for the yellow.

    • The colour was new to me as well – for many years I thought there were only red ones…I don’t know if you can find it where you are, but hopefully you can. I have kept my grandmother´s geraniums for 35 years, but lost her orange one. She only had one of that colour, and I know she loved it dearly. Somehow it did not survive the first winter, and I still regret I never took a cutting of it so I’d given it one more chance. I hope you have photos of those big cacti!

    • Indoors I am good, at least more than OK, but outdoors…not so good. Weeding and digging is not my best task… My indoor plants were 144 last time I counted, some years ago. I guess there are more of them now.

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