Thursday Thoughts

We truly live in a magical world – not only in my many corona jigsaw puzzles.

As the sun is warming up my forest, I walk slowly and rejoice in the small signs of life returning from its winter sleep.
The brook is alive again, and lying on the ground I could easily fall asleep listening to its happy rippling. Milo and Totti do not agree with me there…they run into it, happily splashing while I quietly laugh at them – trying to save my trousers from getting all wet.
There is a special light in the air, a light that only arrives with spring…soft, silent and promising. And the song thrush throws his clear tunes into the open sky.
The little wren is fluttering in every corner of the dense forest floor – letting his clear voice be heard while he is watching me watching him. Isn’t it magical how such a tiny bird can harbour this great voice? He will not let me photograph him though…
Tiny buds are coming out – and soon the forest will be all green. I always love the forest, in all its shapes and costumes, but maybe the most this time of the year. In spring it is ”transparent”…and I can see everything before it becomes hidden in green plumes.
The sun is luring the ants to come out. Seeing them swarm like this always makes me think what a dreary life they must have. Work. Only work. When I was a child I felt so sorry for them – no fun ever! My mother and I used to give them a lump of sugar – a feast to wonder at. Of course I did the same thing with my own children as well.
The spring wonder is arriving. And I am more grateful than ever – it has been a long and hard year.

45 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts

  1. A long, hard, full of loss year. A winter that found me wondering if even spring could lighten my heart and pull me out of the winter hibernation. tiny buds, starting here, froze this past week as a front moved through – layer by layer, bit by bit – and yet – Spring always does arrive – and with it, within me, a new determination to come out of hibernation and be a part of the ‘dance’ – thanks for posting your pics to remind me, Spring will arrive fully, here, too, for outdoors and inner me, someday soon! 😀

  2. Those fresh green leaf buds and the starry white (anemone?) flowers lighting up the woodland are wonderful! These simple things fill the heart with joy and give me a small taste of the hope and freshness of spring, even though winter is looming here! Thank you, these photos are much appreciated!

  3. You carry us along to your mystical place, intoxicated with the wonder and promise you find there, Ann-Christine. Lyrical even on the subject of ants- creatures that I cannot abide here for they invade my bougainvillea 🙂 🙂

  4. I was with you in the forest Ann-Christine ever step of the way, listening to wonderful sounds and seeing the joyous sights of Spring. Thanks for taking me along and not getting my trousers wet too 🙂 🙂

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