Thursday Thoughts – Hiking Gedaryggen

We went with a hiking group last weekend. We always walk alone otherwise, but were invited by a friend to join in. 20 people in the big forest. All vaccinated except me. A great day.

Normally, the beeches would have been green by the first of May – but this year has been very cold so far. Today the Maiden Fall and the Maiden Stone were the two main attractions – besides walking in the forest of course.

Do you see the eaten cones on the stump? Never in my life I have seen this many! We saw one every 5th meter. The forest must be a complete mice den…but, we did not spot a single mouse scuttling around.

Our eminent guide, Bo, is a real nature’s man – and a natural forest man. He sleeps in a hammock under the canopy several nights a month – and he asked how many of us who wanted to try it in June…and got some three – four positive to the idea!
This was really a great hike, and the resting places were beautiful. Young and old had their imagination filled with new mysteries, and climbing through the stone was an adventure. The sites have their own story about the young maiden, Elsa, hiding there and staying in the forest to escape followers during the Scania war 1675-1679. Nobody knows if there was a happy ending though…the story does not tell…
After 6 hours of hiking Gedaryggen (”The Goats Back”) we were rather tired and some had sore feet. My left foot (operated on a couple of years ago) told me this was enough for the day.

40 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – Hiking Gedaryggen

  1. What a beautiful place for a hike! I hope your foot wasn’t too sore afterwards – six hours is quite a walk, more than I could manage unfortunately!

  2. Beautiful hike in the forest. We’ve tried that in the Minnesota woods, chased out by hordes of mosquitoes. We now have a can of repellent in the trunk of our car in case we stumble upon the desire to hike in the woods.

  3. I love how different your forests are. I would love to walk there. I am glad you did for us and endured a painful foot as well. Tell Bo I will join in sleeping under the stars 🙂 🙂

    • Glad you liked the tour, Anne! My foot was OK the day after. Had to rest it though, no such long walks in a couple of days…16 kilometers seems to be my limit nowadays.

  4. A grandday out….. and yep, spring is very different this year. The Chestnut are well out, the Beech just buds, the Oak still asleep. No doubt it will all catch up on itself probably in a hurry 😃

    • True – we’ve had two rainy days and are expecting two more. Then – 20 degrees C! The hurry will start on the first warm day!

  5. Looks like a grand day out A-C. Your forests are enchanting. I sometimes think about joining a walking group, for the social aspect, but then I do like to go at my own pace and stop to photograph things and I am sure I would be irritated by being ‘moved along’ and I am sure I would irritate others, so probably best to walk alone.

    • You made me smile, Jude! That could be my own arguments as well… Always the last one who everybody will have to wait for… This was such a long hike and in an area I have never been before. So I thought it was a good idea with a guide. And a group I had never met either – only the guide and my friend who invited me. And 16 kilometers I know now, is my limit. Mostly because of the foot…but it might have helped with a warmer day and the beeches green!

      • I have issues with my feet , well the left one in particular, so I have to be careful not to stand / walk for too long. So annoying!

      • Ah, sorry, and I know how sad it is. My doctor told me to use the bike instead – not my thing. I have kept walking and walk much every day with the dogs, but this was a bit too much. Interesting our foot issues are in the same foot.

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