Lens Artists Challenge # 155 – On the Water

This week we are happy to have John as our host, with the theme On the Water – please visit his inspirational post to get started! And he writes:

The theme “On the Water” encompasses whatever manner of water floats your boat (or doesn’t).

We all know that Water is the centre piece of all life. No water – no life. And whenever I listen to the murmur of a brook, the cascading waterfall or the rolling waves of the sea – I must agree with Octavio Paz: The sound of water is worth more than all the poets’ words.

Water can carry Light

– carry Ice and Snow.

It is alive in Rain


Water gives Life and a Living

It is a source of Energy – so this old mill tells us

Water is for Sports and having Fun

But also a source of Natural Beauty – On the Water

May we remember that We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one.— Jacques Yves Cousteau

Sincere thanks to those who responded to last week’s “One Photo Two Ways”. It was really interesting to see the many interpretations. Now we look forward to seeing your responses to John’s challenge this week. Please remember to link them to his original post and to use the Lens-Artists Tag to help us find you. Finally, a reminder that next week’s guest host will be Anne Sandler of Slow Shutter Speed who will challenge us with Black & White. Until then, please stay safe and be kind.

Note: I’ll spend some time in our summer house – with no internet – for a couple of weeks but will try to stay in touch!

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      • Fine thanks, darlin! Very hot and sticky in the Algarve right now but set to cool a little. Tomorrow we go to Lagos for a few days. It’s further west so might have a few breezes. Mick’s birthday on Monday and I’ve promised him a gentle day. For me, some street art and magnificent red cliffs. 🤗💕 How are you?

      • Good, but have you been to England – no? We are back to normal temperatures for some days and I love it. We have had some good friends over for my husband’s birthday, and we’ll be heading north a couple of days now for some more castles…;-D

      • Not due to fly to England till 12th August. Quarantine still in place but we hope this will change by then. James due to visit us 25th July. I’m counting the hours 😚💕💕

  3. Too many to choose one favorite, but I liked the mill, the pier, and those enormous lily pads. Enjoy your time away. We’ll be out of touch for most of several weeks at the beginning of August and I always enjoy that time.


  4. Glorious imagery . . . love that most of it shows its interaction with land and thus us . . . find the timber jetty reaching out to promises and dreams quite evocative . . .

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