Thursday Thoughts – Läckö Castle

We visited yet another castle on our tour to old friends some weeks ago. Läckö Castle, once voted the most beautiful Castle in Sweden.

I must confess I did not find it as interesting as Tjolöholm, but of course the looks of Läckö is maybe more of a castle with a princess waiting inside.

First we had a lecture in the King’s Hall, about the history of the castle, and then we were left to read ourselves and walk the tour on our own. There was not much of the original furniture left, but I did find a Narnia cupboard …

In the 17th century Sweden was a country of great power, so many of the paintings were from famous battles. Not my kind of art.

I found the floors to be an absolute dream though. They were laid like no other floors I have seen, and in fact this type of fitting the boards is called Läckö after the name of the castle.

There was a lovely walled garden too, and more of Miss Willmott’s Ghost (Thank you, Jude), a plant I have already ordered for my own garden next season. I just love this extravagant flower, and the story of the lady Willmott too – secretly dropping seeds of this flower in other people’s gardens…

The last picture shows a piece from the treasury at Läckö – the decorative vases used for single flowers in those days.

35 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – Läckö Castle

  1. Like you I’m not interested in paintings of battles but the castle itself is beautiful and there seems to be lots of atmosphere inside – plus the gardens look lovely too!

    • A lovely comment, Margaret, thank you. If this is for real, you made me happy today. Making history come more alive is of course a goal to strive for!

  2. Thanks for letting us visit this wonderful castle and garden. The walls in the staircase are realy special and a wooden floor like this, I’ve never seen.
    i enjoyed the pictures and thanks for the background information.

  3. Fascinating new homework . . . for which huge thanks ! There are quite a few castles/stately homes in this style in my birth country of Estonia – Sweden was the Overlord there for a considerable time . . . so, now to look up and compare dates and styles . . . so interesting !

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