Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #161 – Feet and Shoes

Going barefoot is the gentlest way of walking and can symbolise a way of living – being authentic, vulnerable, sensitive to our surroundings. It’s the feeling of enjoying warm sand beneath our toes, or carefully making our way over sharp rocks in the darkness. It’s a way of living that has the lightest impact, removing the barrier between us and nature.

— Adele Coombs, “Barefoot Dreaming”

Summer usually means many bare feet around, and light shoes. Here in Scandinavia we have had a lovely summer, sunny and filled with water time, rolls in the grass and much laughter. This year we had a first-time-ever-dipping-feet-in-the-sea at our summer house – with a new little girl in this world. So I thought – why not celebrate summer fun with some Feet and Shoes? Even science tells us about the importance of letting our feet be free…

To start with, some fancy shoes, many decades ago in Holland – wedding clogs. Surely there are many hours of work behind these. But how comfortable are they?

Now, more fancy shoes – from today. Still not very comfortable…? A poster from a Lars Wallin exhibition.

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. – Marilyn Monroe

Comfortable shoes and the freedom to leave are the two most important things in life. – Shel Silverstein

As for me, soft leather boots and shoes are comfortable favourites. (Maybe most young people would say sneakers or trainers?) I have always wanted a pair of green ones…but never got to buy them. But someday I will!

I always judge a man by his shoes and his watch. – Tamer Hassan

I know people still do, or at least did, judge you by your shoes (and your whole appearance of course). But shoes. When my mother was young, boots should be impeccably shining, and so should any pair of shoes. She was very particular about her dancing shoes.

But there are still places in the world where not everbody has got a pair of their own.

A fun example of the importance of shoes is Crakows, they had extremely long toes and were very popular in15th century Europe. The style was thought to have originated in Kraków, Poland, but were used much earlier in Asia. To stay in shape, they were stuffed with moss or horsehair in the front. The richer and more important you were, the longer your shoes … sometimes their tip had to be chained to the wearer’s calves to let him walk at all.

Have you ever tried wearing such shoes? I have. Stumbling headlong on your face is a highly possible result…

But there are other feet to meet…a beautiful big beetle climbing up the foot of the abandoned glass. His slender legs and many feet work perfectly well – he is good at manoeveing them.

Finally back on the beach again. First a rainy blue day…shoes abandoned, and then our new little family sweetie, barefoot, grandfather carrying her shoes. She did not wear them for the rest of that day…left them waiting all alone on a stone. I bet they were missing her tiny, soft toes…

If we were to actually walk a mile in the other person’s shoes, there’s a good chance that we’d end up opting to live the rest of our lives walking barefoot.
― Craig D. Lounsbrough

I admit I would live without shoes – if it were possible. How about you? And now it´s your turn to share any feet and shoes – we’re looking forward to your treats!

Thank you Patti, for letting us indulge in so many inspirational posts last week! On August 21 Tina will be our host for Challenge #162- hope to see you then as well. Until then… stay calm and be nice.

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  2. What a fun challenge, A-C! Those curly toed shoes look amazing, so pretty. I never knew that they had been stuffed with horsehair. I am not a shoe girl though. I like comfort over looks. More smart casual, I think you could say. But comfort overrides everything for me. One of my girlfriends loves stillettos, but she can have them all, as far as I am concerned. Nice to see the little family addition!

    • Thank you – yes, no stillettos for me either. But my dancing shoes had heels in those days. But that was loooong ago. Comfort is it – but I prefer if they look nice as well…

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  18. An interesting choice of theme for this week’s challenge, Ann-Christine. And your pictures illustrate the subject perfectly. It was all about the shoes with our three girls. They always bought fashionable footwear, the higher and more uncomfortable the better, but I think they’ve come to appreciate more comfortable shoes as they’ve become older and wiser. As for me, I’d rather go barefoot.

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  25. I’m looking at your photos and they make me think about how I don’t think about shoes and feet all that much in terms of design and form.
    That said, I find myself gravitating toward the beetle and the glass. There’s something rather appealing about it that I can’t put my finger on.

    Here’s mine for this one:


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  29. Ooo, congratulations on new feet in your family! So sweet!

    At first I thought that I had nothing that fits this challenge and then came up with a surprising amount of feet. Today the feet with shoes, or just shoes, bare feet will come in another post one day soon. Also, in today’s post there is one photo that I took only after I saw your theme – something that I almost never do. I went to a concert!

    Lens-Artists PC: Feet with shoes

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  40. Hi thesis a fun theme and I like how you added in the one pass foot and the insect – so clever –
    and my post is mostly shoes (not the feet part) and partly because when I first saw the theme – the ”crocs” that are still worn so much came to mind – and I have some ”yellow crocs” t share – oh and that closing shot with the crocs on the river is such a cool shot – seems like it could be an advertisement
    linking my post shortly – take care

  41. Wonderful stuff you have in this post. I didn’t realize that formal wear, like in a wedding, would involve clogs. That’s fancy! Here the traditional male footwear for a wedding would be what you called Crakows. And also, it was love at first sight with that beetle.

    Darkness in Matheran

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  45. Interesting idea for a challenge! I’ve ‘done’ feet not so long ago so I’m concentrating on the shoes element: https://www.toonsarah-travels.blog/gallery-shoes-slippers-trainers-boots-and-clogs/

    Those wedding clogs look beautiful but I don’t think I’d want to wear anything that uncomfortable to get married in. I remember how my feet ached by the end of my own wedding even though it was 40 years ago, and that was in shoes I thought would be comfortable!

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  51. I really like the story told in your opening image, and you won’t find me wearing those shoes with the curled up toes. I’ll leave them for the genie in the bottle.

    Wow, you’ve surely given me a challenge. Right now, I can only even think of one image in my gallery that would meet the terms. Good thing I have until my post on Thursday to come up with something else (it will be hard not to make anything I do look ”contrived” for the challenge. >grin<

  52. Such lovely footwear and toes in your photos, Ann-Christine. I did have a lovely pair of clogs once but they were slightly too large so I gave them away! They were so comfortable and, I think, made in your part of the world. I also lusted after a pair of green boots too, but bought sensible blue boots instead. I think I would have worn the green more.
    Finally, I was completely enchanted by the colours in the goblet. I can see why it was such an attraction for that bug. 🙂
    I’ve sent a pingback through. It is more of a love story with a foot connection rather than photos. I’m hoping you will appreciate it.

    • 😀 Loved your story, Tracy. I hope pan is well and having a good day too. I smiled at you bying a ”sensible” blue pair though. And the clogs – comfortable when I was a child, now impossible to my feet. They were a must for every child growing up in the countryside – my children still wear clogs in the garden. I am sure someone else got happy getting your clogs. 🙂

  53. Wow Ann-Christine, if I didn’t know you better I”d say you have a foot fetish!! Your shoes and feet images are all marvelous but I especially loved those very uncomfortable-looking high heels (those days are thankfully long behind me!) the red shoes and the ”Crakows”. Can you imagine having to tie your shoes to your ankles?!?!? Who in heaven’s name invents such a thing?! Terrific challenge this week and a wonderful post.

    • Thank you, Tina! It is very interesting to see what drops in on this challenge! And i think…surely it must have been a man inventing those Crakows…as they seem to be all about showing off your wealth…;-D

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  58. I go barefoot as often as possible. Even in winter time and have thought ‘oops! Did I just frostbite my feet?” I’m told that means I’m a country girl at heart, that I connect with Mother Nature, that I’ve learned to walk gently on my Mother Earth, etc., etc., etc. For me? It’s when I feel most free, connected to and aware of the heartbeats that surround me in so many big and small ways – My ankles are stronger, I move more carefully, but more gracefully and have better balance when I practice stepping softly and making small adjustments to rest on smooth, avoid the bite of sharp stones/stickers – etc. But, I came from a family that did their best right after putting food on the table, to making sure everyone had a pair of shoes that fit and were good quality, even if children outgrew them quickly, before they were even scuffed – why? Because ‘your feet can carry you where you want to go – but if you don’t take care of them sooner or later, your knees hurt, your back hurts, your soul starts dying’ – LOL. thus, no fancy, ‘look at me shoes’ until I was an adult and I never adjusted to them well and cursed myself for ‘trying on what so many others feel is ‘normal’ ” – and go right back to work boots, moccasins, or barefeet with joyful glee. 😀

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  60. I believe one very young lady surely did enjoy her first ‘feel’ of warm sand . . . if I try very hard methinks I remember mine ! Oh, and way back, I was absolutely crazy about the latest French and Italian shoe styles landing on Australian shores . . . now that I virtually live in trainers and ugg boots I do shake my head at the skyscraper heels still found at the back of the cupboard !!! Love the beetle inside the wine glass = wonder whether they get headaches the morning after . . . ?

  61. Thanks for sharing all those amazing images, amazing quotes, and the history behind the shoes of Crakow. My father was from Crakow (Krakow). Though I am sure those were not in his wardrobe.

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  66. Oh little people’s feet (and hands) are sooo sweet and how lovely to enjoy your granddaughters company.

    Yes I think shoes are overrated. In our house I never wear shoes, occasionally soft slippers if it is cold. As children we spent most of the summer without shoes. A lovely post.

  67. What a fun post and great idea for this week’s challenge. Walking barefoot in the sand is one of the luxuries of summer, but your post has alerted me to a number of great shoes that are perfect for your post. I’ll start looking around to see what I can share.

  68. We loved your post about shoes, dear Ann-Christine. Text and pictures are excellent 👍👍
    We always make fun of Dina. She has 9 long boards full of shoes. By the way, some green one as well.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Enjoy the weekend
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  69. I love your post. I like going barefoot or squishy moccasins in the winter house as the floors are too cold. You might get a kick out of this post I made on a show, Killer Heels you would have enjoyed seeing.

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