Thursday Thoughts – Why I Love Denmark

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  1. I really love walking through Copenhagen looking at old houses, it’s a treat. I have never taken my daughter there, I am planning on taking her in a near future. Thank you for the tour 🙂

  2. Absolutely lovely. I’ve only been to Copenhagen but I loved that and I found the people of Denmark to be much more friendly that those of the country I’d just come from, Sweden. But that was maybe 20 years ago so perhaps things have changed. I remember being in a restaurant one evening and the people at both adjoining tables leaning over to speak to us – that would never happen in Sweden where they are/were much more reserved.

    • I am afraid you are right. That is why many of us go to Denmark! Hygge, they call it. The young couple in my photo gladly chatted away with us passing by…something I would expect not to happen here…

  3. Absolutely beautiful enticing photography . . . but . . . since at least four others from Sweden have made the same comment re Denmark . . . us there really any noticeable difference between ‘life and looks’ twixt the two countries . . . ?

    • Oh, there is! The Danes are more open and happy smiling than the Swedes. Their houses and architecture speak to me – in the southern part of Sweden we have some of this too. I love the thatched roofs and the warm yellow houses. Great food and ”hygge” as they call it.

      • For over two decades I enjoyed many, many visits to Copenhagen – our family ;rest spot’ between weeks of business in the southern countries and glorious summer fun in England . . . it was ‘easy’ and my growing slaughters were totally relaxed there even tho’ they did not know the language – a smile and hands-knees-and=bumosadaisy always has everyone laughing ! I Would have hoped the Oresund bridge would have brought more than traffic across . . . others also have told me there is a difference in food . . . I would not have thought so . . .

      • You have had an interesting life all over! About the food though – I think the feeling depends on the lovely people over there serving it!

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