Lens-Artists Challenge #174 – Shapes and Designs

Patti‘s challenge this week makes us look for shapes and designs. I often look at the likeness between nature and our human creations. If we manage well, the results might be harmonious shapes and beautiful designs. But as Salvador Dalí stated –

Have no fear of perfection – you´ll never reach it.

I believe even if we don’t try hard to, we unintentionally design some of our art and constructions with nature as the model. Just look at these pairs of images.

Above a gigantic lamp at the Kosta Boda Art Hotel – and Miss Willmott’s Ghost.

These galaxy shaped leaves from a plant at Kew Gardens I really liked – below a swirl and snail design.

In my windows there sometimes lie withered leaves…this one is from a Poinsettia –

– below one of my students’ hair designs. There are obvious likenesses…

Wonderful, isn’t it? But no matter how hard we try, Mother Nature will always be our master. Many great artists declare they are deeply influenced by Nature, and one of them is Gaudí. In my world, I believe every artist is.

For Tina’s Interesting Architecture challenge last week, you shared marvelous examples of architecture from around the world. What a treat for all of us! Thank you! Now we are hoping you will share some of your interesting shapes and designs with us. Please use the Lens Artists tag and link to Patti’s original post.

We’re also delighted to announce that Lindy Low LeCoq will be our guest host next week for LAPC #175. We invite you to visit her beautiful site next Saturday at noon to join our next challenge. Until then – stay well and safe.

93 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Challenge #174 – Shapes and Designs

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  2. Hi Ann-Christine

    Your photo of the bumble bee on the spikey white flower is gorgeous. I have never seen a flower like that before – what is it? And those galaxy shaped leaves from Kew Gardens almost look as though they were manipulated into those pleasing swirly shapes, so unique.

    Here’s another offering from me for the Lens Artists Shapes and Designs challenge:

    Tunnels of Great Blue Heron Love

    Best, Babsje

  3. This is wonderful, AC. I love your idea of comparing designs in nature vs. human designs. Just terrific! As always your photos are beautiful. I love that girl’s hair! It is a work of art!

  4. How clever to have found all these matches between nature’s design and our human attempts! I love that photo of the withered leaf – many people would just dispose of that but you have brought out its beauty 🙂

  5. Hi Ann-Christine

    Your swirl and snail design is so unique and captivating, I adore it. And your student’s hair design is amazing and beautiful. I agree with your observation that “…we unintentionally design some of our art and constructions with nature as the model.” I always look forward to your posts because of your focus on Nature!

    Here’s my offering that includes shapes and designs in mosaic art in town:

    Beautiful Great Blue Heron Fledgling Surprise!

    Best, Babsje

  6. Outstanding post Ann-Christine! You took this one to the next level comparing nature with similar shapes created by mere mortals! Your eye for nature and photographic opportunity is amazing. But I must ask, what is your opening image? I’m guessing a beehive???? I can’t believe no one else has asked!!

  7. Because I love Swedish glass I have to put the Kosta Boda Art Hotel top of the list but all your pictures are wonderful. May I should have given extra marks to the leaves from Key Gardens, but it’s a difficult call with so many lovely images.

  8. An excellent collection of both natural and human-created designs. For me, you captured the essence of what I call ”look beyond the obvious”. Doing so will expose many wonders. I’ve enjoyed this challenge so much, I’ve visited many participants. Well done, A-C.

  9. Ann- Christine, your photos leave me speechless. As usual, it took me a while to figure what am I actually looking at and probably I’d still be scratching my head if I hadn’t read the accompanying text. All I can say is that your pictures are phenomenal! I’d like to pick a favourite but honestly, I can’t. More power to you.

  10. Absolutely fabulous photos . . . love the lighting in the Kosta Boda Hotel – Collected KB for many years both for our homes and businesses and have been at the factory more than once but before the hotel was built. Would love the opportunity to return . . . . .

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