Lens-Artists Challenge #193 – Birthdays

For this week’s challenge, John wants us to show what is special to us about birthdays. This was a difficult one for me – because the happiest birthdays were of course the childhood ones. Today, as for many people here in Sweden, family birthday gatherings only include food and cake, maybe a small present.

Birthdays for me now, means meeting up with good friends for some nice food, a chat and a visit to some new exhibition. No celebrating really. Then I came to think of my 60th birthday, a birthday that I spent without my family (the only one so far!) – instead I went to Poland for The Light Move Festival with my blogging friend Viveka (My Guilty Pleasures). Of course that is one of my most special birthdays! I posted on it in 2017, and when I go back to read those posts again, I keep smiling at the joyful and relaxed time we spent in Łódź – a city unknown to me before, but a huge positive surprise! So much great art, architecture, friendly people, gorgeous food and of course – the best company – Viveka.

– I hope you will enjoy those days in Łódź too, through some of my shimmering memories in this gallery! You might even find Viveka there somewhere…

I had to finish with the beautiful Jewish graveyard, where we spent hours walking in silence, contemplating. Alone together. Both of us love walking in those abandoned graveyards – so much history, sadness, silence and beauty.

Yes, we had a great time, Vivi and I – and we often talk about those days when we meet up. A wonderful trip…that would be the kind of birthday to have more often …

Sincere thanks to John for the opportunity to reminisce about our special events. Whatever event you choose to feature, please remember to link your response to John’s original here, and to use the Lens-Artists Tag. Thanks also to Amy for last week’s Earth Story challenge. She is worth celebrating and taking extra care of – and you helped to show a marvelous display of Mother Earth’s many gifts – and her vulnerability.

As always, we thank you for joining us and hope you’ll be with us again next week, when Sofia leads our challenge. Until then, please stay safe and be kind.

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61 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Challenge #193 – Birthdays

  1. Ahh….birthdays – the day to celebrate one’s birth to ‘be here’ with those who are happy you are part of their Life Journey – The actual day, the way we celebrate changes – over time – when the celebration happens often becomes less important (at least to me!) but the ‘how, with who, what’ of it either works and is embedded in our memory to access at any time – such beautiful pictures you took of beautiful things, during that one birthday, more recent than your childhood ones – the vibrant, the modern, the past – the color, the vibrancy, the energy and the profound depth of silence that spoke volumes to the souls, in shared communion, while those involved are silent – such a lovely post of pictures AND words to convey it all – of your shared with others, birthday experience!

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  3. What a great way to celebrate your birthday. I loved your photo gallery, too. Your photos are so beautiful, filled with light. The candid shot of the girl in the cafe is wonderful! I love her smile/expression. And the Jewish cemetery was very moving. But all your photos were stunning. Where are you and Vivi going next??? Um….

  4. What a wonderful way to celebrate a BIG birthday. You have some beautiful photos and memories there Ann-Christine. I don’t like a fuss on my birthday, a glass of wine or something sparkling and a piece of cake is about right.

    • Your kind of birthday is perfect for me as well – but yes, I had a wonderful day over there. Escaping all the fuss that would have been at home…

  5. Oh, you had a great time in Łódź with Vivi, Ann Christine! I found her at the foot of the escalator. That old graveyard looks wonderful, very serene

  6. Wow, marvelous gallery..! I would want to walk in there someday. That puts Poland to my list as well.How do you do that? capturing such lovely photos!!!? I love that art installation, like a honeycomb suspended in the air, reminds me of the Crystal clouds in Austria.
    A lovely tribute indeed to this special occasion.

  7. Ahh!! What a glorious gallery from this special occasion! I can tell what a wonderful time you two had. Amazing glimpses of the city, the street art, the atmosphere, the lights, just marvellous. I wish you and us all more such moments. Much love.

    • Thank you so much, manja – I can imagine you would have loved a visit there. I’d love to see it again – The Light Move festival really caught my heart!

  8. What a wonderful time for you! And such great photos to remind you. I tend to make my own birthday celebrations at times, by planning a fun trip with my husband. He goes along with the plan, it works 😊

  9. Have never been to Poland even tho’ one of my aunts married a Polish general and her daughters made great penfriends way back – so ‘tis nice to learn a little more ! Have definitely never cared for birthday celebrations – being a June-child, for decades would be business travelling every around the world at that time . . . that was all the birthday present I needed ! Absolutely love Vivi’s photo . . . have owed her a long, long letter for ever time having totally run away from me – I so miss her posts and music . . . the photo may have given me a nudge . . . thank you . . .

  10. Now THAT sounds like a wonderful way to spend a birthday A-C. I’ve not seen much from Viveka of late but always loved her posts. I certainly loved this one as well. Wonderful images from start to finish.

    • Wonderful memories. The world changes. And I seldom see Viveka. All our plans cancelled. But I hope to see her in warmer days. Snow here now. Memories are precious – cameras golden.

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