LAPC #213 – Here Comes the Sun

Amy is back hosting, and she comes with the sun! Please visit her beautiful site for more inspiration!

I will pick some of my favourite suns over the years – as

According to the Beatles:

Here comes the sun, doo-doo-doo-doo
Here comes the sun, and I say
It’s alright

I have mostly caught sunsets, I know, but to me they are the most spectacular ones. In the header – millions of suns in Spain, and the flowers for Ukraine to be free and shine again.

Iceland an early winter morning

A winter morning at home, Hovdala

– and a misty summer morning at Lake Grecken, Sweden

View from the sailing ship in Ecuador/Galapagos

Christmas Eve, Lake Taupo, NZ 2011

My beloved son enjoying the sunset at our summer house

This is my favourite image. Walking alone along the old gravel road with my first lagotto, Mille. The soft warmth of that summer night is still lingering in my memory whenever I look at this image.

An artsy one…at Wanås. A backdrop for one of our most famous artist’s summer show.

Iceland again – because I love this country so much… and already missing it again…

Welcome to share your images of “Here Comes the Sun”– from anytime of the day. Special thanks to Patti for last week’s “Motion” theme. Through her lens and techniques, we have learned the art of capturing motion. Thank you for sharing your fun, creative motion/movement photos!

Please link your post to Amy’s original and tag your post, so we can find you in the reader.

Next week, I, Leya/Ann-Christine, will be your host – until then, stay tuned, take care and be kind.

91 reaktioner på ”LAPC #213 – Here Comes the Sun

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  2. Wonderful collection, AC. I love that you included the mural here and the photo of your son. Your nature shots are always stunning! I hope it’s a very good week for you!

  3. I don’t know how you do it, Ann-Christine but your posts are always an inspiration. They are poetry without the words and have the same effect on me. Your favourite is also my favourite (!) and I would also add the last one from Iceland. It’s the photo I wish I’d taken myself.

  4. The glimmer of the first light on snow, the morning’s sun lighting up a summer night’s mist … So many images that you get only in the far north. So beautiful, and so much of its own place! You make me want to visit Sweden again …

  5. Beautiful sun photos. My favorite is you last one from Iceland. It looks like a painting by English artist William Turner. He would have loved the rays coming down from the clouds .

  6. Wow… I’m in awe of all your sun images, AC! Stunning, spectacular, breathtaking… I can see why that moring sun image is your favorite, I’m in love with it!
    Thank you for taking us to iceland, so beautiful!

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