LAPC #215 – Planes, Trains and Automobiles…and the Places They Take Us

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles…and the places they take us . Visit John for more inspiration!

I must admit I am not an avid photographer of any of these transportation machines…I prefer walking and hiking. But, I did find some that I really liked. Hopefully these will fit the bill, John.

This pretty thing was found at a car show in Ronneby, Sweden. It is not a really old car, but I like the style.

A steam ship took us over to an island near Queenstown, NZ.

There we watched skilled guys shearing sheep and clever dogs herding.

Cachalote was our sailing boat in the Galapagos Islands. I think she had the tiniest cabin I have ever slept in…but the food and the people around her were just amazing. Going on a small boat also meant we could go closer to the islands and comfortably reach any nook.

A different way to promote your company – Keukkenhof, NL.

The mountain train in Switzerland, Bernina Express, took us to stunning sights. A trip warmly recommended if you happen to stay for a while in this country!

Ice melting in lovely colours

Adventure making for everyone

No planes…but still a means of transport! Maybe not for everyone?

My favourite planes are from Druk Air, Bhutan. They are beautifully decorated with dragons, and their pilots are trained to land in narrow valleys between high mountains. To land a plane here, they have to make a U-turn with the wings close to both mountain sides – and we had a perfect landing.

One more plane story: Going to the little island of Madeira also takes special pilots to land safely. We have been to Madeira five times, and the last one was a nightmare. We landed in a storm, and we knew four planes ahead of us had continued to the next island for a safe landing. We had to try twice before touching ground. Everyone on the plane cried…

Going to Bhutan was an old dream of mine, and yes, every expectation was fulfilled.

We arrived just in time for the big festival, Paro Tsechu, and the people all wore their best clothes. Dancing and celebrations were spectacular.

Bhutan is a stunning gem in the Himalayas. It was an unforgettable visit in every way. People, culture, landscape, architecture – and the fact that they are carbon neutral.

As winter is approaching here in the northern hemisphere, I thought I would finish with a bright and shining tram! I love trams, but of course this one was not in traffic. Warming my eyes though!

Thank you all for sharing your interesting finds with us last week! Very inspiring and diverse – just what we hoped for!

For the challenge this week, John is asking us to share images that focus on our journeys. ”Consider examples of historical modes of transportation if you happen to have some in your gallery, a horse-drawn wagon in Pennsylvania, or maybe an abandoned boat along the seashore.”

”Consider images of places you’ve traveled if you’re not into capturing those modes of transportation that got you there. It’s all about the journey for this week’s challenge.”

Next week’s challenge will be hosted by Sofia. If you’d like to join in the fun but aren’t quite sure how to begin, look here.

50 reaktioner på ”LAPC #215 – Planes, Trains and Automobiles…and the Places They Take Us

  1. I love all the photos and enjoyed reading the stories that came with them. I like Druk Air’s dragon pattern, but I have heard about how difficult it is to land safely in Bhutan too. Still, I’m also interested in visiting the country. One of my former professors worked there and she has shared some difficult stories, but she has also learned a lot from the Bhutanese people and was touched by their bond with nature.

    On the other hand, I didn’t know it’s difficult to land in Madeira too! I have only seen the wonderful views of the island.

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  3. Beautiful photos. Your boat through the Galapagos looks so charming! How long did that take?
    Glad you got to see one of tsechus in Bhutan; they are so interesting. I love that exact place with its 100 chortens too, although the history of that war does endear Bhutan to me. It is a wonderful country to visit though.

    • Thank you – the Galapagos boat trip was for 7 days. Not every island was included though, but many. And yes, Bhutan is a wonderful country to visit.

  4. Thank you for sharing your world travel adventure, AC! The sailing boat image is absolutely beautiful. Love how you captured the train. Great mountain views, wow!!

  5. That Swiss mountain train journey is one I would love, and Bhutan looks amazing! We chose a small boat for the Galapagos too and I agree, definitely the best way to see the islands!

  6. Margaret said it best A-C, a hymn to travel. Wonderful from start to finish. Loved Bhutan especially. Terrific post! I had a similar flight to your Madeira story. Everyone on our small plane including us was crying and praying as we flew in a terrible storm. When we landed all the people in the terminal awaiting us erupted in applause. One of them said the pilot must have had a death wish!

  7. What a fabulous photo journey around the world ! I adore days’ long rail journeys and travelling around Europe by car . . . trams and buses for me are a practical necessity and plane travel a necessary but ‘scary’ experience . . . too many violent storms experienced in the tropics . . . Rather like the Dutch advertisement = the use of but white and green somehow gives it ‘class’ !

  8. What a fun post! We did a tour of the southern part of Alaska’s Pacific coast in a small ship – 30 passengers. My favorite part was going to small towns and fiords that larger boats couldn’t go to.

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