LAPC #218 – Over The Hill

We are pleased to have Donna of Wind Kisses as our guest host this week, and she wonders what ”Over The Hill” means to us. Please visit her wonderful site for some more inspiration!

My interpretation is mostly an intuitional one…and my first thought was of The Great Wall of China. Climbing all those hills and mountains, at the cost of thousands of lives. And they were all buried in that great wall…

I think that I cannot preserve my health and spirits, unless I spend four hours a day at least – and it is commonly more than that – sauntering through the woods and over the hills and fields, absolutely free from all worldly engagements.

– Henry David Thoreau

Literally…these children are walking over that hill.

”Over the hill” also means the hardest climb is over and the view is terrific. So, after 12 years at school – you are over the hill too!

Just remember, once you’re over the hill you begin to pick up speed.

– Arthur Schopenhauer

Hiking in the mountains often brings amazingly magical views. Again and again…

After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb.

Nelson Mandela

In Switzerland we saw this nun contemplating the grandness of God’s Creation, and maybe the road meandering over that hill.

Over some hills you don’t reach another hill – but something totally different – maybe a volcano abyss…like this one in Iceland.

And after a volcano eruption, there are endless lavafields covering the land – the plains, hills and mountains.

I will turn 65 next week…and as I’m ageing I often wonder… when I finally have struggled up that hill – will I see The Light? The Light that our religion talks about?

And what about our animal friends? They must be even more overwhelmed by the vast views from up there…especially if you are a cat on a (hot) tin roof…

And what an impossible task for the tiny scarabs climbing this seemingly endless hill of sand.

But remember:

It is easier to go down a hill than up, but the view is from the top.

– Arnold Bennett

Thank you, Tina, for last weeks fun challenge of Opposites! So many clever and mindblowing examples. Hope to see you all this week as well. Tag your entry and link to Donna’s original post.

Next week, Tina will lead us again – on a treasure hunt…Until then, please stay safe and kind.

79 reaktioner på ”LAPC #218 – Over The Hill

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  2. Your images are stunning, AC. The scarabs in the desert, the cat on the hot roof, the children climbing over the hill…..Just wonderful. It made me happy just to look at them! 😀😀

  3. Gosh, you have been to some amazing places A-C and have the most beautiful landscapes in your portfolio. I’m like Margaret, coming down a hill is more painful than going up. Happy birthday for next week, mine too on the 4th, but I am a little ahead of you.

  4. Ann-Christine, this is such a thought provoking post beginning with The Great Wall. I have never been there, and to see your photo meander over the hills brings meaning to this theme. That could be a post in itself.

    I love that most of your photos had people in them. They help tell the story. The children on the hillside to mimic the Thoreau quote, and the celebrations of the graduates both over the hill in a different way. The nun on the hillside was mesmerizing. It generated curiosity and wonder. Was she on a pilgrimage? Just contemplating? I am sure you loved coming upon her on this hillside. Its a beauty of a photo and I didn’t notice the road/path until you mentioned it.

    I was glad you included the abyss. I tried to fit Crater Lake into my original post, and it didn’t work out, so thank you for that.

    My favorite photo is of the two men going up the hill. This speaks volumes about life, the climb, the simple things, the time, the relationships. Thank you so much for this brilliant post. And think you for your encouragement in this journey of mine.

    Happy birthday. I do believe we should love every age we walk into. Do that. I wish we lived closer and we could enjoy toast together. Donna

    • I so loved your post, Donna, your beautiful landscape photos and words…and the whole challenge. And I must agree – I would have loved to meet you for a toast or too, and a chat over life…in a comfortable place in nature.

      Your favourite photo is one of my all time favourites too. Life. And I did love the nun…we saw her as we arrived and walked out of the cabin lift. She was standing there alone. When we came back from the hike, she was gone. I never saw her face. I would have loved to…

      Thank you also for the birthday wishes. I will eat out with my family and then celebrate together with best friends. Hopefully it will be a peaceful and lovely day.

      ”…we should love every age we walk into.” That is something to live by.

  5. Well A-C if I were giving prizes you’d be well in the running for first although Donna’s original would give you stiff competition! seriously I always love your posts but this one is among my favorites ever. So much variety in the landscapes you’ve so beautifully captured, and I especially love those with people contemplating the landscapes beyond. And your Great Wall image as so moody and perfect. Marvelous post!!

    • Thank you so much, Tina, for a lovely comment. So glad you liked the post, I really enjoyed the challenge. And I loved Donna’s post! The two men walking are among my absolute favourites ever.

  6. These views are seriously dramatic, but many of them also exude a sense of calmness, especially the view over the lakes with other peaks looming in the distance. May I have the name of the location? I really enjoyed how you showed us various kinds of hills, Ann-Christine. My other favorite photos are the lava fields and the crater lake in Iceland. I’m amazed people are allowed to go down and get that close to the lake. Currently, the only country I have to been to with crater lakes is Japan, but I haven’t seen it’s allowed anywhere there. Maybe it’s normal elsewhere if it’s safe and I want to try walking near crater lakes.

  7. I’m gathering speed on the way back down again! At 65 you’re just a youngster. Many more hills to enjoy climbing. I hope you’re having a fabulous time in the Douro. The evidence on Instagram is looking good. My favourite of these is the 3rd, with the lake and surrounding hazy hills, but I love the couple walking over the hill too. Happy birthday for next week!

  8. If ever proof were needed that it’s always worth the climb to reach the top, the proof is in your photos. Those two volcanic-action shots were particularly arresting. And sadly, for me, coming down is always worse than climbing up. Oooh, my poor knees!

  9. Such variety of wonderful photos, all in their own way. I’m always impressed by what you capture and the way you do it. The desert one is my favourite, although I do love the lava one too.

  10. That Thoreau quote reminded me how his ideas and approach is timeless and more folks need to follow his lead and get outside more – and go up and over hold

    And what a nice array of beautiful photos and had to smile at the cat on a tin roof – looking over the hill!
    Where was that taken ??

  11. Our hills do not compare, but still we have rugged ranges and the going is generally not easy. Perhaps this is how it is meant to be and that is the light or the realisation that we are meant to see. Such a thoughtful post, Ann-Christine. The dunes, patterns in the lava field and the imposing peaks really speak to me, and us all. It is a mighty world world and sometimes we conquer it and sometimes we don’t. Happy birthday for next week. 65 is a good number. May it grow with you.

    • You are always thoughtful and kind, Tracy. Much appreciated thoughts and comments. Hope you are all doing well now in the summer coming. We will have to enjoy this mighty world as long as it lasts.
      Thank you for the well wishes for my birth day as well ♥

  12. Beautiful photographic examples and I enjoyed the quotes but the photo that touched me the most was that of the two men, one older one with a cane, walking with that magnificent background of mountains!

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