Thursday Thoughts – A Piece of Porto

So, we finally went to Porto, a trip cancelled two times due to covid. I must admit it felt strange to travel again…boarding a plane, walking in the sun, taking photos, eating out… My guess is I took more photos than I usually do.

I will share my first impressions of this friendly city today.

We arrived in beautiful evening light, and it felt so good to finally be there. A stroll in the park, and then a good night’s sleep before next day’s adventures.

Early in the morning we realised people were absolutely right about the steep streets, mostly cobblestones too. Big parts of the city were under reconstruction as they were enlarging their metro system. Taking photos in the central parts were quite impossible.

The beautiful azulejos were everywhere. This church and the trainstation were especially amazing.

But, the azulejos were not the reason why we went to Porto. I knew from my blogging friend Viveka (Myguiltypleasures), that the narrow streets and alleyways, the old houses and the charm of the river Douro – and good food – was THE reason.

View from the upper part of the bridge between Porto and Gaia.

Stairs and steps…but worth the trouble!

This old man watering his flowers had a grand view of the Sé Cathedral from his balcony.

No words for this path – it was just my kind of path…

More of Porto later on – hope you enjoyed the first piece. We also went to the wine district in the Douro valley. I hope you will enjoy more of Porto later!

36 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – A Piece of Porto

  1. Your Porto photos are so pretty. Portuguese streets and alleys are among the most beautiful in the world for me (from what I saw in photos), although I must brace myself, especially my feet, if I ever get to go. I look forward to seeing more pieces of Porto from you.

  2. Portugal was the last trip we cancelled when Covid originally struck Ann-Christine, and you images make me even sadder about missing it. My husband is quite an oenophile (aka student and appreciator of wine) and was really looking forward to Porto especially. Your images are wonderful as always – my favorite is the colorful laundry image but all are terrific.

  3. I understand it being weird but good to be out and about again. I have been but haven’t flown since Covid, so that would be strange for me. Thanks for braving all the walking to bring us these lovely photos and I’m looking forward to hopefully hearing about a/o seeing some of the wonderful food. 🙂

  4. I’ve had Porto on my radar for ages but somehow we’ve never got around to going, and these days I find the thought of the hills and steps rather off-putting. It does look lovely however, and the azulejos in the station in particular look amazing! I’ll look forward to seeing more in future posts 🙂

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