Thursday Thoughts – Porto and the Waterfront

As much as I love the alleyways and narrow, cobbled streets, Porto has a beautiful waterfront too. We walked and we took a boat trip to see the colourful houses from a distance. And we were not disappointed.

Walking down to the river…

…or walking up from it – was always a treat. I even met some dogs enjoying the shadow.

Colourful and happy houses makes the wanderer happy too!

The bridge across the river made for beautiful views all over. The city looks delightful any time of the day.

A boat trip along the river is always to be recommended. I am not a boat person, but you will see all the bridges and the waterfront up close.

As we were lucky with the weather, there was no wind either.

So far we had only walked the Porto side of the river. Another day we would walk the Gaia, where there are many good restaurants and all the wineries.

Gaia photographed from another bridge. We couldn’t get enough of the river – or the many bridges. We’d had a delightful day, so thank you for coming along!

27 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – Porto and the Waterfront

  1. Those colourful houses are gorgeous! I always love a boat trip and would love to do one on this river and see the houses from out on the water, but they also look great closer up, along those narrow alleyways 🙂

  2. Gorgeous pictures Leya! You reminded me of my own trip to Porto – which I have been meaning to write about, since 2018! Now I don’t know if I’ll even remember every detail I wanted to write about! But seeing your beautiful post, I am getting motivated :-).
    If you would like to, you can read about my memories of Lisbon and Sintra, that I visited before Porto (in the same trip) and have managed to pen down about, here –

  3. Wonderful photos. The riverfront is so wonderful. On our visit we would find ourselves walking down to the river in the late afternoon, just to sit and sip an aperitif. I’m sure there were nice places for that in others parts of the city, but we didn’t look.

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