Thursday Thoughts – Along the Old Country Road

There is something special with old country roads…Every autumn we walk some kilometers along this country road, and I guess you might recognize parts of it, even if it changes over the years. But, that is one of the reasons why I like to photographs this walk every year.

This part of our neighbouring village was always an agricultural area with many small farms.

Today farming is mostly a business for big farms with much land and large machines to work it.

This house is a typical old farmstead, but I am not sure anyone lives here anymore. It looks abandoned – even though you can see furniture and lamps if you look in the windows. There are even withered house plants in some of them, and a sign with the owner’s name. It looks like the owners just walked out the door left it that way.

Old wagons and tractors are left at the road side or in an abandoned garden.

I feel sad looking at it, because farmers work hard every day, every hour on their land – but as they grow old, they reach a point where they cannot manage it any longer. Being a farmer is a lifestyle, and that must be hard to give up.

There must be a few farmers still working though, because there is cattle in the small fields and meadows.

Aren’t they beautiful, making bypassers feel the harmony and the beauty of the landscape! I wonder what their story is…

30 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – Along the Old Country Road

  1. I LOVE this! And, here too, in my country/land, one can find the same tell-tale signs – of the ‘food producers’ – of ‘family/small vs. big/commercial – some signs here are abandoned places – long ago foundations that show, where once, tillers of the land, caretakers of earth and livestock, once lived – – equipment abandoned where they quit, drug over to areas for ‘might need supplies from that, someday’ and also to be found in commercial junk yards that stretch as far as the eye can see – I still believe, in the end – and what I felt a connection with your post on? Though we live on different continents, in different societies/cultures? There is to be found, a way to move forth, improve, provide, streamline, WITHOUT sacrificing the small, the beautiful, the daily landscape for past, present and future generations – ❤ this post and the pictures and thoughts you shared!

    • Thank you so much for your comment, TamrahJo – I believe many of us feel the same about this. And surely there is a way…but money rules our world.

      • I continually seek ways to take ‘but money rules our world’ of the table OR finding resources that translate INTO that world view of money – to the things I love and your post expressed – Sometimes, one must ‘work within a system’ in order to find ways to update said system – and to me? Money/placeholders for raw resources, investment, resielience, labor hours, creative leaps and innovations? are, in the end, all the same – sadly, I have a hard time truly communicating that to others, but thank you for hearing my heart, in my comment!

  2. Beautiful photos along this old country road, Ann-Christine. It looks so peaceful. There must be a story behind the house and the farmsteads around. Maybe one day their stories will be heard and told. Enjoy autumn. The leaves look amazing. Hope you are well 😊💕

    • They should, yes. But living in the countryside takes its people – far away from shops, theaters, people…and the need of a car with expensive fuel if you cannot afford an electric car.

  3. A lovely walk and it is a shame to see machinery and farm but and pieces laying abandoned.
    A few square ones and you could join in Becky’s Walking Squares this month 🙂

    • Thank you, Brian! Yes, sad about the machinery, but I have seen how tired and worn down old men can get, so that they even forget to feed their cattle. They struggle to keep it up, but seldom ask for help. This is no excuse of course, but sometimes an explanation. Being a farmer has turned into IT engineering… and filling in forms.

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