Lens-Artists Challenge #184 – Travel has taught me

Amy says: This week we hope you’ll share some of your travel experiences through our theme “Travel has taught me”. And her opening quote says it so well:

Travel changes you. As you move through this life and this world you change things slightly, you leave marks behind, however small. And in return, life — and travel — leaves marks on you.     

~Anthony Bourdain

What is hiding out there, beyond the mountains…?

I have been traveling since I was 16, so, I guess that question wanted some answers… Some of the answers, and something of what travel taught me, I have tried to show in this gallery from our antipodes in New Zealand. Swedish people cannot travel more far away.

Travel taught me that, despite the many differences, there are more likenesses between living beings and cultures, all over the world. We look much the same, we love doing the same things…sunbathing, playing, swimming…and the animals are just like us! Our traditions and religions vary, but at the core, many of them show great likenesses and some have much the same origin. And Love. We love art in all its shapes and form – our species crave it – and fun art too…a good laugh now and then is essential for our wellbeing. Through traveling, we also celebrate our differences – the spice that fuels our sometimes dreary lives!

And small children still like to wave at the train passing, as well as they like to dress up for a masquerade or a Medieval feast.

Above all, travel taught me tolerance and an open mind. That things can be done differently… and still be good. Even if we are good at many things in my own country, there are countries that are much better in several respects and areas – for example New Zealand, with its long standing environmental priorities. A role model for us all.

We must not forget the food – essential to all living beings. Despite all differencies in ingredients, spices and ways of cooking, we love the variety of it. Steam cooking like this I have met in many countries. New Zealand, Iceland, the Azores, the Canary Islands…across the planet we find Mother Earth willing to give us natural ovens and heat to help us making food ready to eat. Be it buried in the ground or in water, volcanic areas usually have both methods. Our Mother is loving and giving…I wish we humans were more loving and giving too – not only taking. Let us leave our marks in good footprints, and learn from life and travel how we can help instead of use, misuse or abuse.

Many thanks to all of you who joined in and shared your beautiful Memorable Events! This way, we were all connected and could feel the magic of everyone’s events. To me, this meant a great deal – there really haven’t been many fun events during the last two years.

This week we are looking forward to seeing your travel experiences, whether to a faraway place or on a local day trip. We also hope you’ll share what you’ve learned along the way. Please link to Amy’s blogpost here and use the Lens-Artists tag to help us find you.  

Next week, John (photobyjohnbo) will lead LAPC #185. The theme is Change – ‘Given that change is inevitable, for this week’s challenge consider change as it applies to you. Maybe it’s the changes in your family over the years, the change of seasons in your favorite park, or even the change in the technology of your camera equipment. In short, what does “change” mean to you? ‘ Be sure to visit John’s site for more.

46 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Challenge #184 – Travel has taught me

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  2. Hi Ann-Christine

    I have updated my post to include your link. (I had published before your own lovely blog was updated for this week.)

    I really appreciate your thoughtful commentary this week, you speak to some universal truths. And you’ve included some lovely photos, including the little mammals standing up on their hind legs. And that poster of a chicken about to cross the road is pure gold, what a hoot!

    Here’s my offering for the LAPC 184 Travel topic:

    Great Blue Herons Dam Love Letter

    Best, Babsje

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  4. I travel through reading other’s experiences/share of their local ways of doing so – more affordable for me AND thank you for sharing your travel adventures as well as what you love in your own locale! 😀 You make my ‘don’t travel physically life’ more abundant! ❤

  5. Just notice your link in my spam and along with a few others. Sorry for beig late here. I agree, there are more likenesses between living beings and cultures, all over the world, well said! I love these travel photos.
    Sorry to hear about the storm. Hope everyone is okay…

  6. Travel taught me that I like home best. I loved the sights but for the moment I stepped onto the plane I wanted to be back in my own house

    • Pam – I cannot but agree. I should have written that too! Very few times I have felt I didn’t want to leave for home. But it has happened. The first time in Greenland 1982 and the second time New Zealand in 2012. Greenland because of the beauty and the clean air – it felt like drinking Life. I wanted to bottle it and take some home. New Zealand was a long stay, more than a month, so I came to love this country intensely. And the many likenesses to Sweden, and the Sweden that once was. When I grew up we never locked our doors, we played outdoors and walked the roads without fear. Friendly helpers everywhere – I felt my childhood coming back. And how I missed it.

  7. Hi Leya – I like how you noted the similarities and differences and the way travel can be ”spice that fuels our sometimes dreary lives!
    Also, fun images – the Santa hats in warm weather was my fav today

  8. Thank you for the Anthony Bourdain quote ! After he left the world on his own terms I coud not watch his work for a long time . . . time has brought peace and I am catching up on the world nightly watching his ‘Parts Unknown’ series . . . what an education ! Am selfishly sad there will be no more . . . meanwhile also a big thank you for the gorgeous meerkat photos – they surely are not afraid to show their curiosity . . .

      • I am hugely surprised you have not had any of the twelve seasons of the programme shown in Sweden ! It has been shown throughout the world and there seems never a time its repeats are not on at some time of day here because of its cultural and sociological value. However Mr Google tells me there are a plethora of ways to watch episodes on demand. Perchance you will happen to ‘meet’ somewhere . . .

  9. Beautifully said in words and images Ann-Christine! I enjoyed your meercat photos and the boys jumping off the wharf. Am I repeating Manja’s thoughts?? See we do think alike and enjoy the same things worldwide!

  10. Of course I share your wish that we could be more loving and giving, much as Mother Nature is Ann-Christine. After this past weekend’s snowstorm in the northeastern US we are reminded that she too has her bad mood days LOL. As for travel, I suspect you may have covered more ground than any of the rest of us my friend. Tolerance and an open mind – if only! A lovely commentary on travel as it opens our minds and hearts. And who could view your meerkats without a smile for the day?!

    • Well, I wish I always was tolerant and openminded – at least I try my best. As you say, nature has its moods…and as we are natural living beings, so do we. We’ve just had a terrible storm here, and many of our trees have fallen, blocking roads and railways and making forest walk diffcult. Cars and houses were damaged too, and there were some casualties even. I am never that angry…;-D I need some meerkats more often to cheer me up! Glad you liked them too!

      • I read about the storm but didn’t realize it had affected you so directly. I hope you and your family are all ok and you didn’t have any real damage to your home or property. Mother Nature’s wrath has been very strong of late. Patti’s area just had a terrible snowstorm also I think. Frightening

      • Thank you, Tina, we are OK. But our forest has lost quite some trees. We went up there to check it out, and some hundred trees were broken or fallen.

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