Lens-Artists#242 – New Experiences

Anne is leading us this week, looking for New Experiences.

Every day there are new experiences, but some days there are fantastic new experiences. Looking forward to that experience can create overwhelming feelings, and even more so when the experience is something you wished for but thought would never happen.

Anne went to Australia and had a long wished for photographic tour with Leanne Cole. An amazing adventure! I too have chosen a dream come true – The Amazon Forest and the Galapagos Islands. In 2016 we left Sweden for the great adventure. Here – some memories from the Amazon.

Arriving at the lodge!

We went to Ecuador, lived in the jungle for a week and then sailed the Galapagos Islands. Every day was an adventure, something I had dreamed of since I was a child. To fall asleep to the sounds of the jungle, to walk high above the gigantic canopy of trees… fighting mosquitos in the morning, but wow, these are unforgettable memories.

Trees are a passion with me, and at Sacha Lodge on the Napo River, I lived my dream in every moment. The birds, the flowers, the hilarious monkeys shouting through the jungle while jumping over our canoe. And, watching the sunset over the Amazon from a Kapok tree, to all the sounds of the jungle – is hard to beat.

From the canopy down to the forest floor, everything was fascinating. The night walk was intense…no light, only sounds. Our excellent guide knew where to look, and he spotted Tarantulas, lizards, snakes and frogs – effortlessly. We were so impressed, but of course – he grew up in the jungle and was well acquainted with every creature there.

Every day we spent many hours in the canoe, ”looking for anacondas”, but we felt (rather…) safe. Immersed in the dense jungle and its many sounds, I just wanted to stay forever.

When we returned home in the evenings we always felt we’d been blessed with new, exciting experiences. I wished we could have stopped the time there for a while.

But today, your challenge is to show and tell us about a new experience You had. It could be a trip, the birth of a child or grandchild, a road trip to a new place, the possibilities are endless. Please link to Anne’s original post and use the Lens-Artists tag.

We all enjoyed your responses to Sofia’s challenge of Spring. Your beautiful images made us all long for spring wherever in the world we live. Next week, April 1, Donna Holland will be challenging you so …Be ready for anything! Go to her lovely site for more inspiration.

Thank you to this week’s host, Anne, for encouraging us to share our New Experiences. Visit her site to see photos from her travel to Australia. Amazing!

Interesting in joining the Lens-Artists Challenge? Click here for for information.

48 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists#242 – New Experiences

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  2. An amazing adventure Ann-Christing, I loved it all and can only imagine the sights and sounds you so perfectly captured! We’ve done some rain forest trips but I have a feeling nothing compares to being on the Amazon. We had a trip to the Galapagos cancelled a few years back but it remains on our bucket list. So happy to hear how much you loved your adventure! I cannot think of anywhere in the world more different than your usual environment!

  3. I’m trying to imagine staying in a lodge in the trees! Amazing, AC, from start to finish. What an amazing adventure. Your images are wonderful, as always. Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience with us. I’m also thinking about you and hoping you are doing OK. Sending hugs your way.

    • Thank you, Patti – a wonderful adventure it was. I am not doing perfectly well, more problems have arised. But, tomorrow is the funeral. I am OK.

  4. Having been to the Galápagos Islands myself, I too know that it is a great experience. Thanks for reminding me as well as sharing your Ecuadorian jungle experience.

  5. Oh wow oh wow! I just love your photos and I can dream of being there myself. I know I would have loved such an adventure! I’m glad you had the experience, and now you have the memories and the photos!

  6. How wonderful for you to experience the trip of your dreams. I could feel your excitement and joy in your writing. I can see why in your images. We all deserve the trip of a lifetime.

  7. This truly was an adventure of a lifetime. The photos are stunning, and your words brought reason, curiosity, and a bit of nail biting too. While I would have loved the trip along with you, I would have been a little more leary at night. What a fantastic guide , and a fabulous trip!!!!

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