Thursday Thoughts

What is happening to our world? It is upside down, we know that. And literally, …it is.

Strange magic…

…or is it


Thursday Thoughts – Christmas in Copenhagen

With the winter solstice, and these festive images, I want to thank you all for another year of sharing thoughts and musings! I am so happy and grateful that we have met and keep meeting here on WP. I hope to see you soon again…keep blogging!

Come join me on a Tivoli walk – and get some Christmas feeling!

They have everything here, theatre, music and dancing…

Play of water to Wiener music…

Nice people, good food and warm drinks…

And some Christmas trees!

I wish you all a Wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy, Healthy New Year!

Friendly Friday – Photo Walk

Friendly Friday

Last week I enjoyed a stroll with Viveka (Myguiltypleasures) in Copenhagen Botanical Gardens. Here are some treats from a lovely day. And – now I will be off my computer for some days – wishing you all a great week, and see you again next Wednesday!





CFFC: Columns and Vertical Line(s)

Columns and Vertical Line(s) for this Tuesday – natural ones and man made.

The header – my forest

Riga, outdoor museum

Copenhagen, old reserves with installation

Morocco, construction area



Evening Walk in Copenhagen

Lovely Copenhagen is only one and a half hour from where I live – a must in Christmas time! The markets and all the lights – nothing we have in my little village. So – here we go. Starting off rather early in the Design Museum’s beautiful garden…

…then walking all the way down the main street, Ströget, back to the railway station. A couple of kilometers all together. For more pictures from this walk, go to my photoblog.



Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Arches, Domes, Half Circles

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Arches, Domes, Half Circles

For Cee – both man made and natural. In both cases, these shapes are pleasant to the eye.


Copenhagen – Art, Down Under and Above

A trip to Copenhagen is never wrong – this time again with Viveka at myguiltypleasures. She has already written an interesting post on this, but I cannot resist doing one as well. I will do it My way – so, hopefully you will get a full report reading both!

This time Cisternerne, the Cisterns, the old water system, was to be visited.

Ingvar Cronhammar and Martin Hall are the artists behind this.

In the open air again – much warmer and less damp. First, a short rest, and then…

…we walked the majestic avenues of trees, where we met old and young,

…and many sweet dogs!

Impressive trees in even rows as well as standing alone

The Norwegian Cottage harmonized well with its surroundings

Suddenly a beautiful young couple floated by, with a photographer trailing behind. Making their day an eternal memory.

All this, of course, made us ready for some tasty food. In the company of a chef I trust, I chose a classic Danish ”Frokost”. And at the railwaystation we finished the day off with a ”Kartoffelkage”.

Today was a good day.