Thursday Thoughts – And I do Love Cows!

Hiking in spring always means meetings with cattle.

And they are always very curious…especially when dogs are around.  In the opener a gang that followed us through their meadow and almost over the fence…

Old farmsteads with apple trees and cherry trees – what could be more beautiful?

Only the cows!

Thursday Thoughts – A Spring Hike

A refreshing hike in our area – we had not visited for many years. In Sweden we are fortunate to use the outdoors even now – if we stay close to home and not travel far.

I think the images mostly speak for themselves – it was a glorious family day.

At the parking, there were no people except us.

Sunny – cloudy – taking turns all day.

Some wood anemones still surviving.

Milo loves trunk balancing – of course he jumped off when I got the camera out…

The goal for the day – the falls.

Looking back is always a good idea.

There are many lovely cottages in this area – thatched roofs are popular. My aunt once had a thatched roof that caught fire during a thunder storm – a frightening experience.

Sweet Veronica leaning against the barn wall.

Back at our starting point again, we walked around the hostel houses – closed during corona times of course. But so charming and so Skåne, my part of Sweden.

Hiking Joy – Kivik and Stenshuvud

That day, in the beginning of May, hiking at Kivik and Stenshuvud – Looking at the pictures, I just have to bring you there again!

Stenshuvud is a hill ( 97 m (318 ft) high and faces the Baltic Sea) in the southeastern corner of Sweden, close to the little village of Kivik. Since 1986, it is one of the National parks of Sweden, covering an area of about 3.9 km2 (1.5 sq mi).


Most of the area is covered with broadleaf forest, especially European hornbeam.

The sun was lavishing its hot yellow waves this day (27 C is hot in Sweden…), and Totti and I decided to hike close to the sea – hoping for a breeze.

Unfortunately there was nothing of the kind…

The park also contains heaths, meadows and swamps, and because of the mild climate and varied habitats, many different animal and plant species can be encountered here. If you are lucky, you can meet rare animals as the hazel doormouse, the Eurasian golden oriole or the European tree frog.  But, except for the usual birds and some other dogs, we only met this little green friend.


Since the surrounding landscape is relatively flat, the hill can be seen from a great distance and has traditionally been used as a landmark for seafarers.

According to local folklore, the hill got its name (”Sten’s head”) from a giant living here in a cave.

Back in the forest again, several orchids dotted the wood anemone fields.

And some blue eyes on fragile stems.

The forest and trees are indeed enchanted…

…but so are the orchards. Kivik is famous for its apples and all of their refined juices.

Stenshuvud 7 maj 2018 107-2

Hope you enjoyed the hike as much as Totti and I did – after all, a refreshing bath is not bad before returning to the starting point.

Dewy Morning Walk

The urge to rise early grows with the intensifying of autumn colours. This morning I had my share of beauty and tranquility, quietness and delightful dew. If you love nature like I do, I hope you will enjoy this 2 1/2 hours walk – shortened to some minutes only…

…and back homewards again, following this country road of oaken sentinels. A better start of a new day is not easily found!