Thursday Thoughts – A Spring Hike

A refreshing hike in our area – we had not visited for many years. In Sweden we are fortunate to use the outdoors even now – if we stay close to home and not travel far.

I think the images mostly speak for themselves – it was a glorious family day.

At the parking, there were no people except us.

Sunny – cloudy – taking turns all day.

Some wood anemones still surviving.

Milo loves trunk balancing – of course he jumped off when I got the camera out…

The goal for the day – the falls.

Looking back is always a good idea.

There are many lovely cottages in this area – thatched roofs are popular. My aunt once had a thatched roof that caught fire during a thunder storm – a frightening experience.

Sweet Veronica leaning against the barn wall.

Back at our starting point again, we walked around the hostel houses – closed during corona times of course. But so charming and so Skåne, my part of Sweden.

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    • Thank you, Jude, and yes – when this pandemic is through we might spend some time there. Many lovely walks in the vicinity.

    • Thank you, Laura. Spring light keeps my sane these days. They say we are down to below R1.0 now, so the virus is not spreading like before. Every plan and every way of countries to handle this has got the same goal. So far we are good too. ♥

    • Spring freedom… Lovely. We too are in theory allowed to drive to a location to exercise… Sadly it’s interpretation by the police is vague. So much so that the this extra freedom is not being used in fear of fines at worst and orders to turn round st best. At least I have a great area to walk in direct from home. 😊

      • You have a great area from home – and so do we. This little outing though, was lovely. And we don’t risk being fined. We stay at home all the time except for our forest.

      • We are sticking to the original instructions but sadly the official announcements have been more than a little mixed and confusing allowing local authorities to interprate them as they wish and some wish to be heavy handed.

      • We also have some confusing rules, mostly people don’t seem to understand the distance. The authorities say an arm’s length, and preferably 11/2-2 meters. How difficult can it be? An arm’s length must be understandable for anyone, mustn’t it? Common sense is something quite rare nowadays, but most of us do still have it.

  3. We have the same kind of day here. Big skies, sailing clouds, but when that sun comes out here it is hot! Thank you for finding time to share your lovely world with me. Sending hugs! Maybe one day it will be possible to exchange them again 🤗💕

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