Lens-Artists Photo Challenge#104 Summer

As we announced last week, the team has a special “surprise” for July. We are hosting the theme “Seasons” for the entire month. This week, Amy’s theme is ”Summer”.

This is My summer. My summer is my garden, and our summer house.

This year, 2020, more than ever. In Sweden we call them ”Smultronställen”, (in direct translation:” wild strawberry places”) hidden, secret places where we find beauty, peace and solitude.

In later years, I have focused even more on giving my garden a ”wilder” face. A childhood summer face, a wildlife face, a caring for biodiversity focus.

Hawk’s beard grow abundantly in the rear part of the garden – and they are humming with bees when turning their yellow faces to the sun.

A closer look at this part of the summer garden reveals my favorite summer flower –  lavender.

– But also Cape plumbago and mallows. As always, click to enlarge.

In the southernmost part of the garden I have plum trees, cherries, elderberry, rowan, black and red currants and rhubarbs, Here there is generous space left for wild flowers.

Many insects hide in the grasses too – lying quietly on my back,  I hear them going about their business.

My other summer ”smultronställe” is our little cottage by the sea. Hiking the many paths here is a joy to us all, and the summer nights are long and soft in the Scandinavian light.


Thank you for all your lovely surprises last week! I had some good laughs and some recognizing giggles – and some tears too… and, some Real Surprises!

This week we invite you to join us in a Summer theme. As always we encourage you to use our “Lens-Artists” tag for inclusion in our WP Reader section. Using tags can significantly increase the number of readers who see and comment on your posts. For instructions on adding tags click on this link https://wordpress.com/support/posts/tags/

July 11 Tina  Spring
July 18 Patti  Autumn/Fall
July 25 A-C  Winter

Thank you for your support, stay safe and well – See you!

106 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Photo Challenge#104 Summer

  1. A-C, this … why I love Sweden!! Our Sweden! With and without Covid-19 …it always delivery a magical summer. And your garden … is full of magic. Wonderful post,

    • Julie, thank you – a sunset fan? OK, I don’t do many sunsets as I don’t live by the sea most of the year. This is one of the few!

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  5. what a spectacular summer you have A-C! surrounded by nature in its beauty and solitude is truly a blessing. love every flower. all exquisite! haven’t seen elderberry? i’m taking them as supplements 🙂 🙂 breathtaking sunset you have! thank you very much for sharing 🙂

    • Thank you very much, Wilma – glad you came along in my garden! Elderberry is not in flower now, but was in early June. The sunsets are glorious out there, especially when the mosquitoes stay away…

    • Thank you, John. The little things have become even more important, and the ability to appreciate them is growing among people. That is good.

  6. Hi, Ann-Christine. What beautiful summer images. I love your garden and your summer house. You gave us a marvelous tour of all the features. Is there a literal translation of smultronställe? I love how different languages label things differently.

    • Thank you, Patti – and I tried to find a word in English for it, but when I look it up there is not. It says: hidden secret spot; hideaway; lovely little spot. My translation is more to the marrow I believe. I agree – it is interesting how different languages describe things.
      Great that you see my summer too – as it is! Thank you!

    • thank you, Tina – the garden helps me stay sane these days. And leaving the garden behind can only be for two days…or three, if my son will do the watering.

    • Anne, I am very grateful for these places, they help me feel good and coping with the world. Thank you for coming with me for a walk!

  7. A-C, I would love, love, love to have this sort of garden were I somewhere it would grow. I like the wild, relaxed feeling of it (no, the two aren’t mutually exclusive) and it’s a complete delight. What a wonderful accomplishment and thanks for sharing it.


  8. Love your summer home and summer garden. All are beautifully captured. Thank you for the tour, AC!
    The sunset scene is breathtaking. 🙂

    • Happy you liked them, Jane! My great joy to support biodiversity and wildlife in this small scale. I love knowing that some species live their whole lives in my garden.

  9. What a wonderful Summer garden Ann-Christine, I love all the wildflowers and the sunset image is gorgeous too 🧡

  10. Such lovely wild flowers and not so wild in your garden. I am surprised that you can grow Cape Plumbago so far north. Such a lovely soft blue colour.

  11. I love the term ‘smultronställe’….. and you have illustrated your two so well, A C! Your garden is so wildlife friendly….the birds, the bees, the butterflies

  12. This is wonderful. I feel sure you are employed by the Swedish Tourist Board as you always make your country look so idyllic (come to think, you do that for everywhere you visit …). These are delightful images and thoughts.

      • So do I. Our squirrels and chipmunks run up the screen of the door when they see me, since I feed them tons of healthy things and give them a bowl of water all the time all year and let them eat any plant they want. The ones that survive do fine. It did bother me that they dug up a couple of small ferns I planted the other day, but I just keep planting them and eventually they’ll adapt or become compost.

      • Lovely animals – glad you support them and communicate with them – even if they eat some things they shouldn’t…!

      • When we first moved here a few years back, I had naively bought hundreds of dollars of seeds and plants that I thought would fit in well, and that was taken by the animals as a giant welcoming banquet. They have loved me ever since and expect the same tribute regularly.

      • I am thrilled that wild roses grow well here, and forsythias, and all kinds of things. It is just a matter of me accepting it, and buying 40-pound bags of sunflowers seeds and organic millet regularly, and giving them all the older carrots, and making sure the water is filled and somewhat clean, and…

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