CFFC: Alleys, Driveways, Parking Lots, Dirt Roads

I will stick to dirt roads for Cee’s challenge – one summer road (with me and Mille) and one winter road. For more entries, click here.

It would be fun to know what the English speaking world calls this kind of summer road! In Sweden we call it a ”tvättbräda” – a wash-board (translated). I guess it might have another name for you?



15 reaktioner på ”CFFC: Alleys, Driveways, Parking Lots, Dirt Roads

  1. Colorado country folks call ‘em ‘washboards’ – on the other hand, if I can figure out how to pronounce correctly, can’t wait to try out tvättbräda on the locals this coming summer – just to see who accuses me of making up my own cuss words – – LOL – they’ll never believe me if I tell ‘em it’s a pretty way to say, ”washboards’ – LOL

Halva verket är läsarens - så, vad säger Du? As the second half is the reader's - I'd love to have Your line!

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