Designers and Designs for Swedish Artists

Last week I went to a local museum to see a travelling exhibition with some of our famous designers’ clothes made for Swedish artists and singers.


Katarina de Bourg made the clothes for our young  Japan export – Yohio. His androgynous style is not as popular here as in Japan, where he is a big star. He is greatly influenced by the Japanese genre visual kei.


Yohio participated in Eurovision Song Contest 2013 and 2014.


Another colourful group is Army of Lovers, with their almost Arabian Nights – style.


Camilla Thulin is renowned for having designed all of Army of Lovers‘ outfits.


Thulin also designed Malena Ernman‘s gown worn during her Eurovision Song Contest 2009 performance (reported to have cost  37,471).


A much loved artist and singer from up north, Roger Pontare, is of Sami origin. He has represented Sweden twice in Eurovision Song Contest.


Sarah Mårskog successfully designed his shaman- inspired clothes.


Altogether an inspiring exhibition, where I picked some of my favourites for you. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did.

30 reaktioner på ”Designers and Designs for Swedish Artists

      • Are you in Sweden? I’m in France but Swedish by my dad. I’d love to connect with Swedish people interested by art and design. I’m into woodcarving and children’s books, and I often feel that this is my Swedish heritage.

      • How interesting! I photograph and paint. I used to write poetry and I have studied also children’s literature. My son is a IT designer and my daughter is into all kinds of art. Sketching and writing fiction, making clothes and clay modelling…Would be great to know more about you!

  1. Nice! Love the project, you should check out my blog for architecture precedents that can help students! With upcoming tutorials, research and more!

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  3. Very nice to see! I’ll never forget Roger Pontare’s appearance, when he sang “När vindarna viskar mitt namn”.

    He, who designed the costumes for ABBA, was from my hometown. I think he’s name was Sandström, if my memory serves me right.

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