Thursday Thoughts – Memories From A Year Ago

I thought I would share some memories posted in January 2017 – My dream trip to Quito, the Amazon Basin and Galapagos. Let us start in Quito – a city of festivities that week!

An unforgettable journey with lovely people – and a country I would more than love to return to.


Vega de San Mateo – A Colourful Market

Fond memories from Gran Canaria include the colourful farmers’ market in the village Vega de San Mateo. Every Sunday the farmers come in to sell their crops, art and craft.

I still enjoy looking at the many colourful people, spices, fruits and vegetables, sitting here this grey winter in Skåne.

And the Band! They played gorgeous classical music, jazz and popular music – and they were many and Very Good. I wish we could have stayed longer.

Nicest Restaurant in Sofia?

During our four days in Sofia, we had some delicious food. Eating Bulgarian was of course a must – and here is a short view of our favourite restaurant!

Hadjidraganov´s Cellars in the centre of Sofia, close to the main street Vitosha, is indeed worth a visit. Excellent Bulgarian food and not expensive at all. Rustic furniture, lovely people and live music in the evenings as well. A must if you visit Sofia!


Parks and Alleys – Light is Everywhere

For five years Łódź has been hosting the Light Move Festival, and last year there were 50 000 visitors. I can understand why. Let us count down…and walk with the crowd!

Many planets and clouds moving –

And, let us count down again…and have a spooky walk in the park…with wild animals, hanging tree witches and other creatures!

Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.

What about giant shining flowers made of plastic bottles? Or the traditional balloons!

In the big square we enjoyed the Grand Finale – The Rossman Building and the cathedral, dancing and moving in spectacular light shows …The short movies are on my Facebook and on Instagram – it is not possible to transmit the feeling with only photos…

My favourite birds though…over there to the right. Then we finished off with our own ”Rosegarden”, sparkling in the darkness. It has got a special and very touching story – go to Viveka at Myguiltypleasures to read it! Good night to you all!


Varekai – Cirque du Soleil

Ever since I first saw Cirque du Soleil on TV…I have wanted to see them. And I did, some years ago. And, I was not disappointed.

This year they were back in Malmö, with astonishing Varekai – Tales of the Forest. With that title, I was already mesmerized. And the story of Icaros is a story I read as a child as well as a grown-up. These old stories always teach us about life – and for making the story come alive, I cannot think of a better way than this – Cirque du Soleil!

Cirque du Soleil 010_copy

No flash or filming allowed, so these are the posters, and in the header, the scene before opening. The Forest, dense with trees, and the staircase leading up to a path under the ceiling.

Icaros falls to the ground, in the Forest on top of a volcano. All the creatures living here…can make anything happen…

Founded in 1984 in Canada, they tour the world every year and their success and their prizes are innumerable. If you have not seen them before…I urge you to go. It is the  ultimate art performance. The ultimate dresses, make up, music, acrobatic stunts, stories and… Life!


Black & White Sunday: Music

A great, festive day in Quito, with music and dancing in the streets. This local band was really good, and people of all ages danced and had fun. Wish there could be a little bit more of that here, in Sweden!

Amazonas och Galapagos 091_copy

Designers and Designs for Swedish Artists

Last week I went to a local museum to see a travelling exhibition with some of our famous designers’ clothes made for Swedish artists and singers.


Katarina de Bourg made the clothes for our young  Japan export – Yohio. His androgynous style is not as popular here as in Japan, where he is a big star. He is greatly influenced by the Japanese genre visual kei.


Yohio participated in Eurovision Song Contest 2013 and 2014.


Another colourful group is Army of Lovers, with their almost Arabian Nights – style.


Camilla Thulin is renowned for having designed all of Army of Lovers‘ outfits.


Thulin also designed Malena Ernman‘s gown worn during her Eurovision Song Contest 2009 performance (reported to have cost  37,471).


A much loved artist and singer from up north, Roger Pontare, is of Sami origin. He has represented Sweden twice in Eurovision Song Contest.


Sarah Mårskog successfully designed his shaman- inspired clothes.


Altogether an inspiring exhibition, where I picked some of my favourites for you. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did.

Thursday Thoughts – Brit Awards 2016: Adele takes home four gongs – BBC News

A strong lady with a marvellous voice, and on top of everything she is extremely funny as well! A favourite.

Adele was the big winner at the 2016 Brit Awards – winning four prizes including the coveted British Album of the Year.

Källa: Brit Awards 2016: Adele takes home four gongs – BBC


Thursday Thoughts


Today he would have been 60 years old – my greatest Swedish teenage idol, Ted Gärdestad. 15 years old he wrote his first great hit and then he became a huge teenage idol in Sweden. Producers for his first album – Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson from ABBA.


He decided to end his life when he was only 41.

Ted, you will live for ever in our hearts.