Vega de San Mateo – A Colourful Market

Fond memories from Gran Canaria include the colourful farmers’ market in the village Vega de San Mateo. Every Sunday the farmers come in to sell their crops, art and craft.

I still enjoy looking at the many colourful people, spices, fruits and vegetables, sitting here this grey winter in Skåne.

And the Band! They played gorgeous classical music, jazz and popular music – and they were many and Very Good. I wish we could have stayed longer.

19 reaktioner på ”Vega de San Mateo – A Colourful Market

  1. pleasant memories… we’ve visited 5 Canary islands, Gran Canaria included, and we simply loved them all… we plan to visit la Gomera and el Hierro asap! 🙂
    * * *
    Happy New Year and oceans of inspiration! 🙂

    • How great – you are visiting the other islands as well! We did that to the Azores – visited all the islands. One left though: Santa Maria.

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