Thursday Thoughts – An Ordinary, Early Autumn Day

An early dog walk…in Autumn fogs, cool and soft.

There are occasional glimpses of sun – I brought my little point and shoot camera only…

It is difficult to walk two dogs and try to shoot with a heavy camera.

Resting after breakfast – Totti and Milo both love our summer house.

Mornings are the best time to enjoy the stillness – no summer guests anymore. Paths are empty, and the fields belong to geese and horses only. Milo found that dwarfed opening gate in the hedge…I always wonder who once lived there – given that Milo is about 30 cm high now…


Forest walk in the evening – some birds chirping low and softly muted. There is no wind so the flies are on the hunt.


This area, Lindö,  is a nature reserve, so you have to be kind to those flies and mosquitoes as well…

Have you ever had a puppy? Sometimes my toes wish they hadn’t…

I know Milo is a good guy, and that Totti is slowly adjusting. But I can read Totti’s thoughts by the look of his eyes – just when is that ”thing” going home again...

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