Thursday Thoughts – Centre of the Earth

In Jules Verne’s  A Journey to the Center of the Earth, Stapi is the last stop on the route the protagonists take before they climb Snæfellsjökull and enter the interior of the planet through a tunnel in the crater.

We didn’t intend to try any of these possibilities, but to hike along the coast line of the peninsula from Arnarstapi  to Hellnar.

We encountered (I think you could say that…) spectacular landscapes this morning – the likes of nothing I had seen before.

Steep cliffs and birds, birds, birds…on this ca 4 km hike.

Amazing colours everywhere, almost no fellow hikers, sun, blue skies and no wind. Who could ask for more?

Island 2019 1069-Redigera

The further we went, the more the landscape opened up and the magnificent coastline became visible – with all its small rocks and islets –

– a spectacular archipelago.

Struggling through some rugged lava formations, I suddenly spotted three killer whales, orcas,  in the blue waters ahead of us. I only got one shot working…then they were gone. But wow, how happy I was! I had never seen them live, in their natural habitat.

Gatklettur Arch

Gatklettur Arch – after some searching, we finally found it on our way back to Arnarstapi.

And the soft evening light kissed the earth. I sat down among the flowers, and listened to the strong feeling of Love for this Country, the stillness in the air, the beauty of this place. I watched the young girl, lying there, contemplating – and wondered if she too had seen the orcas…. To me, they were the icing on the cake this Icelandic summer’s day.

We returned to the two villages, Arnarstapi and Hellnar, the next day – just to savour their beauty once more before heading north… There just might be another post.






32 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – Centre of the Earth

    • Glad you enjoyed them, Julie. This was indeed one of my best days in Iceland, ever. And that is not to say a little… I know what you mean, that last shot was the finish of a wonderful day. I would have loved to lie down there like the girl was – alone with my thoughts in the setting sun.

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  3. How nice that you got a shot of the Orcas, Ann-Christine. I’ve been on a few whale watches years ago but never got to see one. I missed a chance when I suffered a bit oif sea sickness and everyone else got nice shots of one breaching. 😦 That arch is such a great shoreline feature. You had a lovely day.

    • I had a lovely day, Steve, thank you. A day to remember! I have seen dozens of humpbacks close to our boat in Iceland some years ago, but never orcas – fascinating! So grateful. You will have to go again for them!

  4. Beautiful – and awe-inspiring – and grounding – and everyday glimpses of the miraculous – all at the same time – Thank you for sharing so I could ‘experience’ it in some way, too!

    • Ah – your lovely words means much to me! Thank you, Cindy. Greenland – wow. We were there in the 1980’s, so I guess the difference must be…huge. The ice is melting rapidly. Looking forward to your lens captures!

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