Lens Artists Photo Challenge #118 – Communication

Thank you, Amy, for last week’s Photo Walk – a fun challenge with walks all over the world, that I unfortunately couldn’t follow as much as I wanted. But I will be back – soon.

Hosting this week is clever Biasini and Ma Leueen – so, I will take the opportunity to show you something of my world – a dog’s world. My name is Milo, and I live with Totti, Ann-Christine and her family in southern Sweden.

During the summers my Emma is home and goes playing and swimming with me – I love her SO much that I will do everything she asks me to do… Can you see how we even take the same pose before jumping in?
When in doubt…I search her eyes for advice – or maybe sometimes it is the other way around…
…but, I often let her go in first. In case it is a trap…
When we are back home again, with friends visiting – Totti and I have to check out if the guest (or intruder) is a good guy or not.

In my family we don’t do competitions anymore, but my pal, Totti, used to win many prizes in his youth. He is a Swedish and Danish Champion. In the header, he is the winner of such a competition. I can tell you that, in order to reach a top position, you have to communicate well with your handler (as they call the human running with you in the ring).

A great companion he is anyway, Totti. We both know exactly what the other one wants or wants not. Mostly we want the same thing though…and that could have meant big trouble, if we hadn’t been able to communicate wisely and read the signs. I can only urge all of you to work hard on it – Communication. If you don’t manage that well enough, your life will be much more complicated – sometimes hardly manageable.

Finally, our sincere thanks to Biasini and Ma Leueen, for guest hosting this week’s very interesting challenge. We all look forward to seeing your creative responses. Please remember to link them to their original post here, and to use the Lens-Artists tag to help us find you. We hope you’ll stay tuned next week as I, Ann-Christine/Leya will be the host for our next challenge.

Please be safe and well until next time!

50 reaktioner på ”Lens Artists Photo Challenge #118 – Communication

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  2. Hi Leya, Your beautiful dogs told us a story my dog handler friends would enjoy. Our dog and cats are such good communicators. I recognize their voices and what they are saying even when I can’t see who’s talking. Isn’t that so amazing? Thanks for sharing the story from your life. 🙂 See you next week. 🙂

  3. I was delighted to meet you, Milo, with your friends Totti and Emma. My favorite photo the exchange of glances between you and Emma. You make a really good couple!

  4. A lovely post! When you have two animals living together it’s amazing to watch. Once we had a mutt and a Scottie. Together they spelled trouble. The mutt knew how to open the kitchen cabinets and the Scottie was small enough to get in. I had to put baby locks on the cabinets. Another time, our dog and cockatiel both lost their respective friends. The dog would go to the corner of the cockatiel’s cage and she would come down to him. They would go beak to nose.

  5. Hi, AC. I was hoping you’d feature Milo and Totti–to be honest! I’m very, very happy that you did. I didn’t know that Totti was a champion. Don’t our animal friends give us so much happiness and unconditional love! I wish human relationships were as uncomplicated!! Take care and thanks for a wonderful post.

  6. That Totti, he’s quite the communicator! How nice to see him responding to Biasini’s challenge. Clearly he and Emma are the best of friends Ann-Christine 😊. Of course, I’m thinking he and Emma love YOU too. ❤️

    • Hello Milo! Nice to meet you I am Biasini the horse. I see you let your human go into the water first. Such a good idea because you never know what might be in that water! Sounds like your friend Totti, who is a Champion, is a nice fellow. At the barn, where I live, there is a horse that has been to the Olympics. He is a nice fellow too and not at all big on himself. 🐴

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