Lens-Artists Challenge #121 – Focus on the Subject

In this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #121 Patti says : ”  Focus on the Subject, we invite you show us an image that uses leading lines, patterns, color, contrast, selective focus, freezing the action, doorways or arches, or the eyes of humans or animals to draw our attention to the subject. ”

In Sweden we are at the end of the grand Autumn colours, and I just had to send you inviting lines into one of my beautiful forests.

Patti talks about colour defining/deciding focus – and below is a typical example – in fact many ingredients are demonstrated in this one: colour, light and lines co-operate to make me take out my camera here. The motif is not a spectacular one, but the silo stands out!

Doorways or arches are constant attention drawers. Last week’s countryside tour made me capture some very different subjects.

The first shot from the spectacular library building in the middle of a vast beech forest. The owner, Michael Ehrenborg, lived at Hovdala Castle in the 18th century, and wanted a library in the forest to study science in solitude. Sadly enough he died before the octagonal building was finished – and it was left to rest and return to nature.

The castle itself is still standing and very much alive. Here framed by chestnut glory.

On my way home again, I decided to visit an old friend of mine. Kaj-Arne, a farmer who has stayed true to his farm and animals all his life. Evening light is not the best photo light these grey days, but through the barn door I managed to catch a glimpse of his pretty goose in the company of one of his friendly cats.

This last image fascinates me, because it was the light and colours that caught my attention – but what is the subject? So many frames … but I end up looking at the lonely, ugly chair. I could have concentrated on the beauty of the window, but the chair interested me. I was just walking down the stairs, seeing the left side, ordinary, rather drab…and then this fantastic window. What is Your focus in this image? I believe this is one of the many magical things with photography – we can all look at things differently…

Next week, we’re thrilled to announce a new guest host – the talented and creative Ana of Anvica’s Gallery is going to lead LAPC #122, so be sure to visit her site on Saturday, November 7th.

Looking forward to seeing your creative answers! Please include a link to Patti’s original post and use the Lens-Artists tag so that everyone can find your post in the WP Reader. Once again, special thanks to all of you in our creative community for your continued participation. Be sure to stay safe and well.

85 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Challenge #121 – Focus on the Subject

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  2. These are some grand autumn colours indeed, Leya. Very well captured as usual. Hovdala Castle looks amazing, and even more so with the yellow leaves framing it.

    I didn’t see the chair in the last photo. Now that you mention it, I can’t unsee that chair and now it is the focus for me in the photo. The lonely chair must have been weathered much lighting and weathers over the years. You are very observant 😀

  3. I always enjoy your photography – that first image of the path into the woods is mesmerizing. The photo with the chair…I can see why you included it. My eye went from the chair to the sign to the right of it – and then back up to that gorgeous window. 🙂

  4. Love what you did with your opening shot Ann Christine…great idea. About the last shot, the lines and colors in the window caught my eye right away more so than the chair. All great shots, well done 🙂

  5. Wow. Great shots all. That forest shot is autumnally idyllic! Love the cat and duck. First I saw the cat and wheel, then, oh!, there’s a duck there too!

  6. Sometimes I wish I was a proper photographer to truly appreciate what goes into creating your beautiful shots, Ann Christine. But my lack of expertise doesn’t prevent me from enjoying looking. Your love of the forest shines out of that first image, and I couldn’t help but smile at the perfectly posed cat and companion. 🙂 🙂 My gaze was through the window, ignoring the ugly chair. I hope you are finding peace in your world.

  7. That chair and window were the focus of my attention. Thre’s a story there. Why put a chair near a closed window? What’s growing on the window? A vine? Is it painted? I like this image.

  8. Wow, AC. I absolutely love your images, but the final one is stunning. The contrast between the old chair and that gorgeous window….breathtaking. That’s definitely my favorite in this collection, with the cat and the goose coming in second! But all in all, a beautiful collection, as always. You have a marvelous photographic eye.

  9. Love that building with the trees framing the archway, my favorite, though, is the window and chair. It makes me want to sit in the chair and read by the light of that large window.

  10. Wow… what a beautful series, AC! The header is fascinating. I love how you capture the cat and the duck. The last one is incredible, I love the light and colors !

  11. Glorious autumn colours in the forest and the countryside Ann-Christine 🍂 In the last image my attention was drawn to the window first and then I wondered what the view would be like if you sat down in the chair 🧡

  12. I’d really like to be walking on that road in the first image, Ann-Christine. And that stonework on the castle is impressive. One has to wonder why a beautiful building with that wonderful view through the window would have such an unimpressive chair.

    • Steve – I was happy to cath the colours last week, because wind and rain has taken them now. The building with the chair is a factory (Ifö from Thursday Thoughts), and that chair is standing in the stairway up. Many steps, so I guess some people needed to sit down somewhere on their way up or down. Four etages. Love that you used ”unimpressive” about it! Soothing an forgiving!

    • Hi Ana – is it in the header? The rails? The image seem not to appear when I try to click my site – then suddenly I can see it. I just changed themes, so maybe it will ajust later. That image is a double exposure that makes your eye wander! I am looking forward to next week, Ana!

      • I saw it in the reader and thought it was part of the entrance. I found it very interesting. I am also looking forward to publishing today’s challenge, although it makes me a little nervous, I feel a lot of responsibility, you do a great job.
        I am also a little confused with the time of publication, I have already commented to Patti, I have programmed it for 18 h., but last week I think that Patti’s appeared at 17 h.

      • Yes it is part of the entrance – glad you like it! So looking forward to your challenge – it will be beautiful! Now about the time…in Sweden we have now winter time, but as I understand it, they have the same in the actual part of the US. I post at 18.00, but don’t know in what time zone you are?
        You will be the perfect host, Ana, I know!

      • You are very kind 🙂
        We have changed the time just two weeks ago, I think we are in the same time zone. So I will post at 18.00.
        Thank you very much.

  13. Beautiful post Ann Christine. I thought the chair was the focal point, but the window could have been one too. I chose the chair because of the bright color. The colors in the window are muted. Both work. I love the cat and the goose. The cat seems to be posing for you.

  14. A wonderful post as always Ann-Christine – but you didn’t tell us about your header image which I’m thinking is a train leaving the station but the lines and light on that one are spectacular!! As for the last, my eye went directly to the beautiful flowers framed by the many-paned window. Lovely examples all.

    • Thank you, Tina. If you mean the header, yes it is Stockholm Central station. I was playing with double exposures while waiting for my train. Indeed the light came out fantastic when looking at the images. Sometimes double exposures find their focus(es) just right.

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