Thursday Thoughts – Younger Days II

I was born and raised in a tiny village, consisting of about 15 houses situated on a ridge above the school house. Here I spent every day of my first 12 years, climbing and running, strolling and roaming the farm land, meadows and forests. I had a happy childhood.

This is the gate I climbed every day – or, this might be a newer one, but it still looks the same to me… There are huge stones in the meadow above, and we used to bring buns and milk to feast on when we had finished climbing and settled on top of the highest one. To us they were mountains – but in reality, boulders from the ice age, left here when the ice moved away.

In this house lived the grandmother of my best friend at school, and her grandson (my friend’s elder brother). A small farm I loved to walk up to every day. My own grandmother’s house was just 5 minutes down the road.
Maybe you remember I posted before on this barn, the cats and a duck behind the yellow door. My childhood friend’s brother still lives here, but the farm animals are not that many anymore. He always keeps his ”Grålle” tractor (Ferguson) in excellent shape.
They used to have sheep, pigs, geese, hens, rabbits, cats and dogs. There’s only two sheep left, a duck and … loads of cats. Being a farmer is a tough life, so it has got to be a ”living your dream” scenario. It takes All of you to manage and make it thrive.
But the two sheep seemed happy in their golden meadow, and the farmer – well, he was just like I remembered him from younger days. I will return a sunny day in spring so we can climb some stones again. That would be just great.

53 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts – Younger Days II

  1. Thank you for sharing these thoughts on younger days, Ann-Christine. I was born in the city but some of my happiest memories are of visits to places like this, in the country, when I was a child.

  2. This post makes me want to go back to visit the places I lived as a child. The closest I’ve gotten is to look on Google’s satellite view. The two houses that I lived in while going to school are still there.

  3. Such a lovely post A-C of your childhood memories. I currently live in a similarly sized hamlet and can imagine how wonderful this is for a young child, though I suspect quite boring for those teenage years.

    • I understand you have a wonderful home, Jude. A hamlet – that is such a lovely name for it. And as a teenager I often went dancing – but always returned to my grandmother to take it easy and poke around the garden…

  4. What a wonderful place to grow up, A-C! Farming is far from the life so idealized by many, but we need farmers badly and many farmers wouldn’t do anything else. But if you’re a small farmer, it’s so poorly compensated that it’s amazing as many people do it as do. My grandparents were farmers and I had wonderful times there, but I had none of the hard work.


    • Yes, they have to work hard – but I guess it is their lifestyle. We had to help picking all the berries every year. And that meant many, many hours of work. The worst berries were currant, because you had to be very careful and not crushing them. Had to have good nails!

  5. A wonderful post Ann-Christine 🙂 Such memories. I would love for my old Grey Ferguson tractor to look like that now. It is in a sad state unfortunately but maybe next year I’ll have the energy to get it going again 🙂

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