Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #143 – Colourful April

Amy asks for a colourful April this week – and usually it is, even in Sweden. This year though, has so far been some degrees colder than usual. But, there is a positive side to it as well …

Sweet April showers do spring May flowers. – Thomas Tusser

To get you in the mood – tulips from Keukenhof in the opener!

However, with the lack of colours (except for the hepaticas I posted in the last challenge) this April, I first decided to use April colours from earlier years, starting with my garden magnolias. But, after a day on the hunt in the forest… I changed my mind. Surely there must be some colours to capture this year as well!

A sea of last year’s grass softly carried my feet up to the old sallow.
The silken colours against the grey trees –
And the lower you go towards the ground…
…the more colourful it gets. Mosses and lichen, mushrooms and leaves.
…even if modestly displayed. Nettles and the alternate-leaved golden-saxifrage are keeping each other company. In Sweden we call this tiny yellow plant ”golden powder” Due to drying wetlands, I understand it is becoming rare, and it is protected in several countries.

Wood anemonies are usually abundant in April, but 2021 the snow and cold has kept them down so much that I doubt we shall see them carpeting the forest floor this year.

Anyhow – spring has sprung, and the colours are beginning to arrive here too. Hope you are enjoying lovely weather and delightful days!

Finally a big Thank you for using your abundant imaginative powers for last week’s You Pick It! Inspirational, diverse, sweet, thrilling, magical…we have enjoyed your choices to the full! Now we hope to see you here again for Colourful April. Please use the Lens-Artists tag and add a link to Amy’s colourful original post!

Next week Tina will be your host. Stay tuned, take care and be kind to others and to yourself.

73 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #143 – Colourful April

  1. I love how you decided to look down to the ground to discover some color. My favorite would have to be the mosses and lichen and mushrooms plus the small yellow flowers and Wood anemonies. Too bad you may have have many this year. 😒

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  4. I love that you’ve focused on colors closer to the ground, AC. A lovely, lovely post and a reminder to look down as nature creeps up from the earth!! The tulips are wonderful of course, too. I especially love your lichen and mosses shot and your wood anemones. Lovely!

  5. I love where you went with this prompt. Forests and grass lands are so alive with colors in the spring… such an abundance of shiny new greens and earth tones with little splashes of more saturated colors here and there. I love seeing all the ecosystems in these photos.

  6. Good for you for getting out to explore your world, despite the lack of evidence of spring’s arrival. Your forest floor images are wonderful but of course the tulips are the star of the show. Tough to compete with that kind of beautiful abundance! Hope by now colors are more plentiful and apparent.

  7. It is lovely to see your spring photos from this year, Leya. Stunning shots, very vivid and full of wonderful life. Very nice to see there are some colour already and golden powder yellow plant. Such a unique nickname for a plant. Enjoy spring and the warmth that follows 🙂

  8. Thank you for the enjoyable forest walk, AC. Beautiful colors of mosses and lichen, mushrooms and leaves. These mushrooms are amazing, I have never seeen these before. The golden powder plant is very special; I love wood anemonies.

    • You are very kind, Anne, but I am happy I did it too. These days I have lost a lot of enthusiasm in my photography – for obvious reasons in this situation we are all in. But we can always force ourselves to try – and sometimes it works!

  9. I am glad that you changed your mind and went out to find the colours that your April has to show. All those shades of greens and the soft greys along with the vivid greens and the variety of textures are as equally beautiful as the brighter colours, or perhaps even more so. The wood anemones are appearing here now, so maybe yours will be along in abundance shortly. I truly appreciate every tiny thing that appears at this time of the year. And I truly appreciate your excellent photography.

    • Jude, you are very kind – and I agree about appreciating the tiny things appearing now. They might seem little steps, but together they will soon dominate the scenery!

  10. Beautiful soft colors. I like the various shades of green and the small yellow flowers. Also the various shades of brown worked well. Nature is amazing. Sometimes soft and subtle is just as beautiful as bright colors.

  11. A host of macro views to please the eyes Ann-Christine. I love the Mosses and lichen, mushrooms and leaves. I am about to post a very similar moss to one of yours in Becky’s Bright Squares 🙂 🙂

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