LAPC #200 – Every Little Thing

Amy is hosting Every Little Thing this week, please visit her lovely site for more inspiration! We invite you to share every little thing that makes you smile. Amy says:

”Small things around us have interesting stories to tell if we only take the time to stop, look, and listen.” With this little mixed gallery, I hope to send you some smiles from me!

The important little ones around us, are both necessary for our survival – and beautiful. Not only spring flowers and Yoko Ono art, but animals, insects (even flies)…

…and tiny worlds to get lost in.

And how about a little sun of your own?

Many thanks to John, and for your special contributions to his Mechanical/Industrial theme. I have had a trying week without my PC, but now I am here! Hope you will participate in Amy’s beautiful theme, and don’t forget your Lens-Artists tag and link to Amy’s original post!

Next week it is my turn, Leya, to be your host. May the sun shine on you – and inside you, until then!

43 reaktioner på ”LAPC #200 – Every Little Thing

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  2. Methinks you have absolutely ‘made’ everyone’s day with the little ladder . . . and the rest ! Could ladders possibly have feelings . . . 🙂 ?

  3. The little ladder is pretty cute and evidently attached to the big one next to it by a lock of some sort. Of course I love the flowers but that moth/butterfly is really interesting. Its wings have such lovely detail and shape.

  4. The nested parallels of the ladders are very cleverly arranged. Wonderful photo. Also that fabulous macro of the white anemones (I guess vitsippa is the Swedish name for that?)

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