Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #153 – It’s a Wonderful World

Amy has found a wonderful challenge for us – because even if we all struggle some days, we can clearly see the world is still Full of Wonders, which is the essense of the word wonderful. Amy beautifully used Louis Armstrong’s world famous lyrics in her post – so please, visit Amy and get inspired!

My choice is some Midsummer Magic in the tiny worlds around us – because they are literally wonders in every sense. They also feel more safe to visit in this chaotic world…

We stayed at our summer house for a couple of days to prepare for the Midsummer celebrations next weekend. As you know, the longest day and the shortest night are very important to us in the Nordic countries. However, because of the heat, I find it difficult to sleep well, so I am usually awake around 4 every morning. This particular morning, I went for a barefoot stroll in the early garden dew.

The world is so full of wonderful things we should all, if we were taught how to apprediate it, be far richer than kings.

Ashley Montagu

This curious world we inhabit is more wonderful than convenient; more beautiful than it is useful; it is more to be admired and enjoyed than used.

Henry David Thoreau

The World is full of wonders, but they become more Wonderful, not less Wonderful when Science looks at them.

Sir David Attenborough

We are the inheritors of a wonderful world, a beautiful world, full of life and mystery, goodness and pain. But likewise are we the children of an indifferent universe. We break our own hearts imposing our moral order on what is, by nature, a wide web of chaos.

Colin Meloy

Thank you all for your creative and fun entries for my Shades and Shadows last week! I learned many new things from you, and was very surprised to find that not many, if any language except English, has got two words for the concept.

Thanks to Amy for her interesting challenge – we look forward to seeing your perspectives – and please remember to use the Lens-Artists Tag and to link to Amy’s original here. Finally, until next week, when Tina will be leading the challenge, please stay safe, be kind, and enjoy this wonderful world.

92 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #153 – It’s a Wonderful World

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  4. Hi Leya

    i love your focus on Midsummer Magic! Thank you for taking us along on your barefoot stroll at 4am. The lighting in your second photo is excellent and I really like the blossoms in your fifth photo. And you and Milo are happy to enjoy the wonderful world together.

    Here’s my bit of silly birds enjoying their wonderful and fun worlds:

    Birds Just Wanna Get Cool (Not Art Nbr 27)


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  7. oh sorry you cannot sleep that well right now – but it sure did lead to some great photos (and imaging you barefoot sounds fun) – I like the light and bit of wonder in many of the photos – especially those opening ones – the light had wonder

  8. What a wonderful morning walk, AC. Your images are gorgeous. I love the dew on the flowers and your wonderful Milo waiting patiently for you. Through your marvelous images, I feel like I was there with you! Have a great week. I hope the move is over and you can enjoy the midsummer fun.

  9. Such a beautiful selections of the natural beauties! Full of wonders, indeed, and they are around us.
    Thank you for taking us for an enjoyable walk with you. 🙂

  10. These whole gallery has a genuine spell of wonderful-ness. Simple finds in nature brings us back to uncomplicated things that are far by holds more essence nowadays.I love that Hornet photo, I´ve seen it in your IG and I was truly amazed. Haven´t seen one by myself so I am really curious.
    Thanks for the great life lessons you´ve shared Leya.

  11. Great take on the small wonders, and beautiful examples. Love the flowers in the morning dew.

    I am always amazed at the complexity of nature. One would think as things get smaller, they get simpler. While eventually there is only so much small (at the atomic level), microscopic images reveal an amazingly complex substructure in almost everything.

    • Happy you liked them too, John. I was lucky to wake up early such a brilliant morning!The world is complex, nature is complex and so are we. It is a sorrow that we are not more clever, we humans, but go on sawing down the branch we are sitting on.

  12. Wonderful images, Ann-Christine. My absolute favourite is the second photo. The only image that is missing is one of your barefeet enjoying the stroll! 🙂 I am imagining how wonderful your feet felt that morning.

    • Ha, so glad you loved my little wonders – but well, I don’t love my feet anymore because they are deformed by hallux valgus. My grandmother had this too. They say you get it from wearing high heels and slim shoes – but as I never was a girl with any of these…I guess I just have to have inherited the problem anyway…

      • Feet are mysterious. I suffered with bone spurs on my heels for years but somehow they disappeared. I hope your feet don’t give you too much pain. They would have enjoyed the freedom of walking without shoes.

      • Oh, good the spurs disappeared! This will not disappear on its own for me I am afraid. And I don’t want to do more operations…they can go wrong too. I walk a short bit without shoes every day – I think we have a right to…don’t we?

    • Interesting facts, thank you! My mother loved this song, and so do I. And a big part of that is his voice, Armstrong’s voice. Without that special sound, it would not have been such a hit – at least not with me.

      • The internet almost always identifies a song by who had a hit singing it rather than by the person or persons who created it. I don’t feel that’s right, so I try to find out who composed and wrote a song so that those people get the credit that is due to them.

  13. It is never cold enough here for dew, which is all one reason that I’m totally transfixed by your first set of photos. The other reason, needless to say, is that they are wonderful photos 🙂

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    • Glad you liked them, Janet! And Milo was in my face in the end, just wanting his breakfast…so Ihad to give in. Poor thing, I was so absorbed by the dewy grasses…but he got his food in the end!

  15. What a beautiful post Ann-Christine – your images this week are exceptionally glorious. The sunlight and dew are perfect. I cannot remember the last time I was up at 4 am so I shall just have to enjoy your images rather than try to create my own!

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