Lens Artists Challenge #154 – One Photo Two Ways

Every truth has two sides; it is as well to look at both, before we commit ourselves to either. – Aesop

This week Tina challenges us to try One Photo Two Ways. When I was biking the other morning, I noticed the different looks of the barley field while I was passing by. One single field showed me many faces.

When the sun was hiding in the clouds, the field did not speak to me.

But when the sun came shining through – I smiled, and the whole field smiled back at me.

I also set the focus on the swaying heads…

and then on the stems below. But it is the same field and the same barley we see.

Finally, another view opens when you play with selective colours

Thank you all for last week’s great inspiration, It Is a wonderful world we are living in! Now It’s up to you to choose your own approach, including the use of editing tools. We look forward to seeing the results – please link them to Tina’s original post and use the Lens-Artists Tag to help us find you in the WP Reader.

An important announcement. We are excited to announce a special event for the month of July. Several of our previous Guest Hosts have agreed to lead the Lens-Artists challenge. We’re sharing their themes in advance and hope you’ll join us and them in the coming weeks. They include:

July 3 John Steiner of Journeys With Johnbo will present “On the Water”

July 10 Anne Sandler of Slow Shutter Speed will present “Black and White”

July 17 Rusha Sams of Oh The Places We See will present “Getting Away”

July 24 Beth Smith of Wandering Dawgs will present “Along Back Country Roads”

July 31 Ana Campo of Anvica’s Gallery will present “Postcards”

Please be sure to check out their always-interesting and beautiful blogs, and join us in supporting them as they lead us each Saturday in the coming month. Until then, please remember to stay safe and be kind.

63 reaktioner på ”Lens Artists Challenge #154 – One Photo Two Ways

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  3. Hi Leya

    As I mentioned in my earlier comment, your post is a great example of the thinking that one can’t step in the same river twice. Or barley field. Your photos are all so vibrant that I can almost feel the straws tickling my shins as I walk theough that field.

    I hope its ok for me to play again, this time following the suggestion of one photo two ways, not five ways like last time. 😊

    Here’s my submission. It has one picture two ways.

    Beautiful Great Blue Heron: The One that Didn’t Get Away

    Best, Babsje

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  5. Hi Leya

    I really really like the various interpretations of your barley field. Was it Heracletus who said ‘You can’t step in the same river twice?”. Your wonderful post shows that we can’t step in the same barley field twice. Well done!

    Heres my photo five ways for this challenge:

    Beautiful Great Blue Heron Garbo

    best, Babsje

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  7. What a gorgeous set, AC. Lovely! I love how you focus on various aspects of the field and reveal the different ways of ”seeing” the same subject. Great post and beautiful examples. I hope you have a lovely summer week!

  8. I never miss cycling through the wheatfields every week…. they are everywhere here in Bavaria.I watched them from green turns to gold and I am always amazed by their beauty.
    great take on this challenge Leya, the metamorphosis is just amazing.

  9. The single strands of barley are amazing. You have given us such a good close up and detailed look at the intricate structure of the barley strands. I enjoyed your response to this challenge !

  10. An amazing tutorial on finding beauty in different ways from a single scene Ann-Christine. You did WAY morethan ”two ways” and showed how much variety and wonder can be found if only we seek it out. Marvelous!

    • Happy you like it, Tina. Biking is a pleasure too! You see things in a new and close-up way. Too bad I find it more difficult to bike nowadays – cannot do many miles before hurting. Why aren’t there more comfortable saddles? always wondered…

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