Lens-Artists Challenge #181 – Double Dipping

This week we’re suggesting that in addition to our challenge, you explore and link to some of the other creative opportunities our friends and fellow challengers make available in the WP blogosphere (or any other sites where you post images). I’ve opened with a flower from my garden, and I’m linking to Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge.

Callistemon is one of my favourites, and as I finally got a glass house, I can now keep this plant safe all year around. It is a wonder to see its very special flowers unfold every year.

Maybe my Bottlebrush also would qualify for Jez Braithwhite’s Tropical plants in his Photo’s by Jez, Fan of… but this Bromelia I caught from the top of a Kapok tree in its true home, the Amazon, Ecuador.

Finally, I chose an image for Weekend Sky – Blog of Hammad Rais. The deceivingly soft light of a very cold winter evening. The low sun at its highest, you will find in the light blue opener with our neighbouring farm huse.

Please be sure to include the Lens-Artists tag with your responses, and to link to Tina’s original post as well as any other challenges you elected to feature. I’ll close with a sincere thank you to all who
shared your wonderful images and stories in last week’s 2021 favorites challenge. Your joy and positivity brightened our days. Stay tuned for next week’s challenge, hosted by Patti. Until then, stay safe and be kind.

62 reaktioner på ”Lens-Artists Challenge #181 – Double Dipping

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    • Thank you for a lovely comment! Right now, when I open the doors to the glass house, the air is filled with a lovely scent – the acacia is spreading her golden flowers!

  4. What a gorgeous Callistemon flower. I’ve never seen one before. Thank you for the introduction.
    I never get to see snow here in Florida. Your photograph is a reminder of how harsh it can be
    yet beautiful too. Lovely choices, Anne-Christine. Stay safe …. Isadora 😎

  5. I love that flower, AC! Just gorgeous. It must make you so happy to ”visit” it in your beautiful glass house. I hope you’re warm and cozy in the cold! Yesterday it was minus 22 C in Boston!! I lasted 1 hour for my walk. Rich started to run and had to turn back. The wind was fierce, too. Today, it’s a little warmer. Have a good one!

    • Thank you, Jo – so glad you loved the bottlebrush! It’s such a special flower. And special to me, as I first saw it in the Himalayas, brought one home – but it died, then fell in love again in New Zealand, had some lovely plants here that died every time I tried. And now – alive in my glasshouse!!!

  6. Hi Leya I would prefer the red dirt of inland Australia to the white snow of Europe ., We do have huge snowfield in the mountains of Australia. I do not like the cold James Caldewood Author of four and a half books, Check them out on Amazon and read what we Aussied do for fun

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